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Faculty Advisor Listing

Faculty Advisor Listings

The Fordham College at Lincoln Center student community is a place where student leaders are encouraged to develop their skills and leadership abilities.  An integral component in the efforts of FCLC to foster that development is the role of Student Faculty Advisor.  While student organizations are primarily led by students, every club is assigned a faculty advisor, whose role it is to encourage and guide each club to create successful programs on campus.  These advisors must review club budgets before they are turned into the Student Activities Budget Committee for approval.  As a resource to all FCLC student leaders, these student faculty advisors are invaluable and their time and effort is appreciated by the students and staff of FCLC.  Below is a listing of the Student Faculty Advisors assigned to each student club.  
Student Government Organizations
Commuter Students Association (CSA) Brittany Miller  
Residence Hall Association (RHA) Camille Wilson  
United Student Government (USG)                   Dorothy Wenzel  

Economics Society  Shapoor Vali  
Minority Association for Pre-Medical Students (MAPS)       Renaldo Alba  
Pre-Law Society Hilary Mantis  
Psychology Association Harold Takooshian  
Science Club Grace Vernon  
Arts and Theater

A Cappella Club  Fr. Michael Tueth  
Chamber Singers Robert Minotti  
Splinter Group                                                            Olga Ramirez  
Student Arts Guild (SAG) Casey Ruble  
Asian-Pacific American Coalition (APAC)                                         Michael Marme  
Desi-C.H.A.I.(Culture Honored Among Individuals) Fr. Vin De Cola  
Hellenic Society Aristotle Papanikolaou  
Jewish Students Organization (JSO) Karina Martin Hogan  
Middle Eastern Students Association (MESA) John Entelis  
Molimo Sandra Arnold, Aimee Cox  
Muslim Students Association (MSA) Carol Gibney  
Student Organization of Latinos (SOL) Sandy Vargas  
Mock Trial

Mock Trial Team                                                          Hillary Mantis and Nicole Junior  
Peer Education

In Strength, I Stand (ISIS)                                                      Margaret Schwartz  
Peer Educators Christina Frankovic  
Rainbow Alliance Fr. Vin DeCola  
 Raising Interest in the Social Evnvironment (RISE)  Brian Johnson  

Publications and Media

The Observer                                                          Elizabeth Stone  
Student Programming

Campus Activities Board (CAB)                                       Christina Frankovic  
Service & Advocacy

Amnesty International                                                                                Heather Gautney  
Colleges Against Cancer Daniel Patterson  
Environmental Club DMark L. Botton  
Global Outreach (GO!) Steve McGowan  
Operation Smile Frank T. Boyle  
Students for Solidarity Maureen O'Connell  

Paintball Club                                      Juan Carlos Matos  
Soccer Club Anibal Pella-Woo  
Tae Kwon Do Club Brian Johnson  
Yoga and Mindfulness Club Chris Toulouse  

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