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Club Leader Tip Sheets

Club Leader Tip Sheets

Conflict Management - Every group faces conflict at one point or another. This sheet helps you learn how to handle difficult situations, resolve the conflicts that arrise, and use the lessons learned to help build strong relationships in your club or organization.
Effective Delegation - A successful leader is not someone who takes on all the responsibilities his/herself.  Use this tipsheet to learn how to delgate tasks and build a cohesive team.

Planning Large Scale Events - There are many elements to planning a large scale event, and its easy to get overwhelmed. Here is a helpful sheet on what to keep in mind as you plan your event.

Passing the Torch - You've put in all the hard work, implemented new programs that you're proud of, and next year your organization will have a completely new executive board, now what?  Pass your legacy on! This tip sheet lists guidelines to help as you transition your club for future generations.

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