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Leadership Weekend

Leadership Weekend

Leadership Weekend is a weekend devoted to the development of current and upcoming student leaders at Fordham.  This off-campus retreat takes place during the beginning of the year to adequately prepare student leaders for their unique roles and positions in organizations on campus.  Though the retreat is rooted in training for leadership at Fordham, much of Leadership Weekend is beneficial for developing leadership potential beyond Fordham as well.

Typically, Leadership Weekend centers on a single theme, which sets the tone for the weekend.  Past weekend themes have been Leadership: There’s An App For That, Where Stars Are Born and the Nuts and Bolts of Effective Leadership.  While the theme may change, the focus on developing leadership skills and its many different applications in peer relationships and future endeavors remains the consistent message.  Students return after a weekend away full of activities, seminars, a ropes course, and personal time with a greater understanding of their own potential and that of those around them.  Lead on! 

Leadership Weekend 2012 took place at Clearpool Education Center in Carmel, NY.  Sessions were run by student leaders and administrators on topics such as relational leadership, effective facilitation skills, and incorporating our Jesuit tenets into our lives and our leadership.  Stay tuned for more information about Leadership Weekend 2013!


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