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We know you have so many things you are worrying about this summer while you anticipate coming here to Fordham. Hopefully these questions, which many students have asked before, can help you out. If you have a question you don't find here, don't hesitate to call us at 212.636.6260, or e-mail us at

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Student Life Questions

Can students attend events at other campuses?
Yes. Students can take the intercampus van service (RamVan) when traveling among the campuses.

How do I get to Rose Hill?

The Ram Van shuttles students between campuses every half-hour. To guarantee a seat, you must sign up online at Tickets cost $3.00 each way and can be purchased in the Lowenstein Lobby.

If you are taking classes at Rose Hill, the tickets are complimentary. These tickets are distributed at the Ram Van Office in the basement of O'Hare up at Rose Hill.

Ram Van tickets must be purchased in advance.

Should I get a part time job?

It is not recommended to get a part time job in the first semester of your academic year. It takes at least one semester to adjust to college academic life, and the demands of a part time position may cause additional stress.

College work-study positions are recommended to those who are eligible. Working on-campus provides an atmosphere that places a priority on academics and learning.

For those who need a part-time position for monetary reasons, the Office of Career Services at 33 West 60th Street on the 8th floor has a listing of part-time positions in the area.

Is the fitness center open to everyone?
Membership at the Fitness Center (located in McMahon Residence Hall) is free to all students.  In addition, FCLC students can use the Lombardi Center at Rose Hill free of charge. Ram Van passes for this purpose are available at the Office of Student Affairs in Lowenstein Room 408.

Intramural sports are available at Rose Hill. For information, please call 718.817.4263.

I'm a commuter. How do I plan my commute?
Check the MTA, NJ Transit, and LIRR websites for the best routes to campus from your area. NJ Transit offers discounted monthly bus passes for Fordham students. Contact for more information. Also, make sure you're well aware of weekend schedules, which can be different from weekday service.

What meal plan is offered? What do I do if I have special dietary needs?
Resident freshmen are automatically subscribed to an $800-per-semester declining balance meal plan (implemented during their freshman year only). This is billed along with their residence hall fee. Any money left from this initial plan carries over from semester to semester, until the balance runs out, or more money is added. Commuters can put any cash value on their ID card for use as a meal card.

Students who use a meal card are not charged tax and therefore have an 8.375% discount each time they use their card.

Students with specific dietary needs can meet with the Director of Food Services for specialized meal preparation.

How can I get involved in activities?
Attend the club days! These are sponsored by United Student Government in September, for the fall semester, and February, for the spring semester.

Visit the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development, located in Lowenstein Room 408, to find out about upcoming events. Sign-up to receive weekly updates on activities and events.

Get to know the clubs/organizations offered on campus, and their leaders and members, during the "Getting Involved" portion of "Student Life" at the New Student Orientation in the Fall.

Attend the Community Outreach fair in September to become more involved in the local community or to become involved in Outreach programs on-campus.

Visit Campus Ministry in Lowenstein Room 217 to learn about volunteering to be a lector or to be part of the ministries of the Eucharist, hospitality, and/or music. Also, learn more about the retreat programs and upcoming events and celebrations for everyone from all walks of faith.

The Community Service Program is located in the Lowenstein building on street level room SL18.  This office has a number of opportunities for service in the local area. As an example, St. Paul's across the street has a soup kitchen that needs volunteers for two hours per week.

Consider joining the Admissions Ambassadors to show off Fordham to prospective students

I am interested in purchasing a computer. Does the University have any special purchasing plans?

Click here for information on computer purchases with University discounts.

Can I use the Walsh Library at Rose Hill?

The library facilities on both campuses are available to all students. RamVan tickets for this purpose are available at the Office of Student Affairs in Lowenstein Room 408.

How can commuters rent a locker?

Locker rentals are $10 per semester or $15 per academic year and may be reserved at the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development in Lowenstein Room 408. 

Is housing guaranteed all four years? What type of housing is available for undergraduates?
Freshmen who enter with housing are guaranteed housing for their entire four years. McMahon Hall is a 20-story residence hall at Lincoln Center that can accommodate 850 students in apartment-style suites.

I am not going to be living in the residence hall but I would like to get an apartment off-campus. Who should I call?

The University partners with for off-campus housing listings. Externally, we suggest using services such as Urban Edge or a real estate broker.

What if my roommates and I are not getting along?

Contact your Resident Assistant, or a member of the Residential Life staff. The staff will work with you toaddress concerns going on in the apartment. In cases where the differences may be irreconcilable, the staff will work with the students on possible room changes. Please be advised that the occupancy rate of McMahon Hall makes room changes difficult.

What floor is the financial aid office located?
Office of Student Financial Services is located on the second floor of Lowenstein.
(212) 636-6700 phone
(212) 636-6009 fax

How can I open a checking account? Are there ATMs in the area?
There is a TDBank machine on campus, located near the bookstore.  Other popular neighborhood banks where most students hold accounts are HSBC, Bank of America, Chase, and Citibank. 

Why do people go to the Counseling Center?

The Counseling Center offers personal counseling, psychotherapy, career interest testing, small group workshops, and information and referral services.  Students go to the Counseling Center when they are experiencing a wide variety of personal concerns and problems, such as: I wish I had more confidence in myself; I can't concentrate or study; I am too sensitive to what others think; I don't get along well with other people; I have problems that are too personal to discuss with just anyone.

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Orientation Questions

How do I register for Orientation?
You will be able to register for ALL Orientation events, including Summer Orientation Programs and Commuter/Transfer Student BBQ, through our eventbrite page. RSVP is required a week prior to the events.

Summer Orientation Programs (SOPs):
Commuter/Transfer BBQ:

Do I have to attend Orientation?
Yes, orientation is required for all new students. It is essential that you attend so that you can learn about the academic program, receive academic advising, and meet your fellow classmates who you will be spending four years with. Attendance will be taken at ALL sessions by the Orientation staff.

Can I bring parents to Orientation?
Parents are allowed to attend the Summer Orientation Programs on July 15th and July 22nd as well as the first day of August Orientation but are asked to leave shortly after University Mass at 4:30 PM.

When does Orientation start? What happens during Orientation? How long does it last?
On Sunday, August 25th:
Resident students with last names from M through S, move-in is from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
Residents with last names from T through Z, move-in is from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Resident tudents with last names from A through F, move-in is from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Residents with last names from G through L, move-in is from 12:15 p.m. to 1 p.m.
Registration will begin for commuter students in the Lowenstein Lobby at 10:00 a.m.

Orientation is a time where new students will become familiar with their new environment and home for the next few years. The three days of Orientation will offer a variety of information spanning from advising, to student involvement, to city and academic life.

On Monday, August 26th and Tuesday, August 27th: Orientation begins at 9:00AM and ends after social events at night.

Do I really need to wear my nametag during Orientation?

Nametags are required for entry into all events during Orientation. They are a great way to more quickly recognize other students, and they help forge a sense of community.

Can my parents/guardians stay on campus?
Due to space restrictions, we cannot accommodate parents to stay over.

Do I have to stay on campus during Orientation?
Residents will be given their room assignments at arrival on campus the first day of Orientation. Commuters have the option of staying over for both nights of Orientation to enjoy the social events; please contact your Orientation Coordinators at for more information regarding the sleepover.

What are Orientation Coordinators, Captains and Leaders?
Orientation Coordinators are two student representatives from Fordham College at Lincoln Center that design and implement comprehensive programs. They are selected to assist new students in a successful adjustment to Fordham’s academic, extracurricular, spiritual, and social life. They not only design programs and create newsletters but also train the Orientation Captains and Leaders and inspire them to go forth and set the world on fire.

Orientation Captains are members of the New Student Orientation Team who are unique and essential liaisons between staff, parents, and new students. In their role as leaders, these are hard working individuals embody Cura Personalis by inspiring the Orientation Leaders and new students in exciting and friendly ways.

Orientation Leaders are the heart and soul of the New Student Orientation team, and represent the incredible opportunity that is open to new students. They embody such Jesuit tenets as Magis (striving for "the more") in their efforts to assist new students in the beginning of their college journeys. They will welcome you with open arms and loud cheers, along with a deep sense of community.

These students have gone through an intense selection and training process in order to prepare for their roles in:

•    Preparing the new students for Fordham life
•    Answering questions from parents and new students
•    Being a friend and role model for the new students for the next four years

When will I find out about housing assignments and roommate’s name?
Residential Life will be contacting you via email and letters in regards to housing assignments and taking the roommate survey in late July.

Okay, I'm excited about New Student Orientation! Now what?
Get ready! Be sure to have filled out all the needed forms and paperwork. Please also join the Accepted Students of 2017 at Lincoln Center on Facebook to connect with fellow new students. And if you’re really ahead, you should look over the New Student Checklist included in the Student Newsletter which has hints and tips for what to do and what to bring.

I have a question, but can't find the answer. Who can I call?
During business hours, you can contact the New Student Orientation Orientation Coordinators to get all your questions answered. Call us at (212) 636-6260 or email us at Also join our Facebook group for Accepted Class of 2017 at Lincoln Center to see what your future classmates are also asking!

How do I get included in the Student Directory?
All registered FCLC students are included in the Online Student Directory. Both home and school addressesare provided so that students can stay in touch both in the summer and in the school year.

If you do not want this information in the Directory please send this request in writing to:

Fordham at Lincoln Center
United Student Government
113 West 60th Street, Room 408
New York, NY 10023

This information must be received by January 15.

Where should I park my car?
A list of garages that provide Fordham students with discounts is included on page 19 of the Family Newsletter. Many garages require that the ticket is validated at the security desk in the Lowenstein Lobby. Please also view our Parking Facilties webpage.

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Academic Questions

How do my AP credits transfer?
Please email Patricia Peek at for more information regarding AP credits.

What is the BFA program? Why are some students taking classes at Alvin Ailey?
The dance program leads to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and is offered jointly by The Ailey School and Fordham University. The Ailey School/Joan Weill Center for Dance is located on West 55th Street and 9th Avenue, five blocks away from the Lincoln Center campus.

The program's goals are to develop graduates who are highly versatile dance technicians, adept creators of dance movement, well-educated in the liberal arts, and knowledgeable about the history and interpretation of the arts. Students audition to participate in the program and take placement examinations so that they can be placed appropriately.

When will I find out what classes I am taking?
Your class schedule will be distributed at your meeting with your Academic Advisor on August 28th.

What is the typical course load?
Freshman and Sophomore years will consist of 5 or 4 three credit courses each semester

When do students declare a major?
Students may declare a major during or before the second semester of their sophomore year.

I have a question about my bill. Who do I call?
The Office of Enrollment Services would be happy to answer all of your billing questions. You can reach them by calling 212.636.6700.

Where can I get my questions about academics answered?
Freshmen should contact Assistant Dean Fr. Vin DeCola by calling 212.636.6696 in Lowenstein Room 806.
Transfers should contact Assistant Dean Joseph Desciak by calling 212.636.7454 in Lowenstein Room 804.

Can I cross-register for courses in Fordham undergraduate colleges?

All core curriculum courses must be taken at your home school. However, classes for your major not offered in your home school can be taken at other campuses.

I want to study abroad, who should I contact?
Contact the Study Abroad office located 33 W. 60th Street, Suite 309.

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Health & Medical Questions

What do I do in the case of a medical emergency?
In the case of emergency on-campus call Security.FASTCARE ambulances arrive at Fordham within 5 minutes and take patients to St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital.

The University Health Center is directed by a certified nurse practitioner and staffed by registered nurses. There is no cost for treatment, and medical supplies may be purchased at a minimal cost.

The University Health Center is open five days a week at Lincoln Center; when not open, students may go up to the UHC at Rose Hill. Free Ram Van passes are provided for this purpose. Please come to the Office of Student Affairs in room Lowenstein Room 408 for Ram Van tickets.

The University Health Center is open to all students: residents, commuters, undergrads and graduate students.

More information is available on the website for University Health Services, which can be found here.

What do I do if I need medical insurance?
As a Fordham University student you are automatically enrolled in an Accident Insurance program.

If you do not have medical insurance can also take additional medical insurance coverage. Insurance enrollment is for one calendar year. You will receive information about this insurance later in the summer.

Insurance claim forms and enrollment information are available in the Office of Student Affairs in Lowenstein Room 408.

Where should I hand in my immunization form and my physician's record?
The University Health Center is located on the second floor of the Residence Hall. All forms can be slid under their door or mailed to the Rose Hill Campus' Health Center or mailed to the address written on the forms. If you have not done so already, please send them immediately.

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