Orientation Captains

Orientation Captains are members of the New Student Orientation Team who are unique and essential liaisons between staff, parents, and new students. In their role as leaders, these hard working individuals embody Cura Personalis by inspiring the Orientation Leaders and new students in exciting and friendly ways. Whether you see them as the first ones starting an icebreaker game or beginning the chant: “WE ARE… Fordham!”, Orientation Captains are individuals of Competence, Conscience, Compassion, and Commitment, who are called to be models of leadership and to serve as men and women for and with others. They do all this with a common goal: Ad majorem Dei gloriam.
Chelsea Gizzi - Class of 2014
Hometown: New Haven, CT
Major: Music
Clubs/Organizations: Chamber Singers, Women's Choir, Senior Week 2013/14, GO!
What I love about FCLC: I love FCLC because it's right across the street from pretty much any concert or opera that I want to go to. I also enjoy its proximity to Burrito Box. Even though the music program here is small, it's a great community of people who love to create. I have awesome friends both in and outside of the program.
Favorite Song: I can never really pick a favorite song, but I love music in Italian, and everything Regina Spektor.
Favorite Spot: The Ramble in Central Park, because its easy to find a peaceful spot to sit and write.

Wilson Yuen - Class of 2014
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Major: Natural Science
Clubs/Organizations: Commuter Students Association, Commuter Freshmen Mentor
What I love about FCLC: The dynamic and welcoming community.
Favorite Song:
Yellow- Coldplay
One amazing thing I've seen or done:
I lived in Australia and New Zealand for five weeks, hiking trails and scaling mountains.

Anna Abowd - Class of 2015

Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA (by way of Lynchburg, VA)
Major: Theater Design and Italian Studies
Clubs/Organizations: Commuting Students Association, NSO, Lincoln Center Society Ambassadors, Campus Ministry, Tae Kwon Do Club, Resident Hall Association
What I love about FCLC: My Ramily! Being able to do so many incredible things while in college at the heart of NYC (but, most importantly, with my Ramily!) Really, the community here is incredible and I could not have found more accepting and incredible people to be with while in college.
Favorite Song: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (it's also my favorite word)
One amazing thing I’ve seen or done: In my two years here, I have seen over seventy Broadway/Off-Broadway/Ballets/Operas, etc.

Gabriella Giunta - Class of 2014
Gabby Giunta

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Major: Communications & Media Studies/Visual Arts
Clubs/Organizations: Commuting Students Association, Commuter Freshman Mentor Program, Winter Ball Committee Co-Chair
What I love about FCLC: I love the sense of community at FCLC; there really is something for everyone here. Even those of us who don't live on campus feel at home!
Favorite Spot: The Greek and Roman Art Wing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
One amazing thing I’ve seen or done: I studied abroad in Rome two summers ago. Not only did it heighten my interest in photography - the subject I was studying - but it also made me realize how passionate I am about traveling and learning about different cultures.

Louise Lingat - Class of 2015
Louise Lingat

Hometown: Elmhurst, NY
Major: Political Science and Theology
Clubs/Organizations: United Student Government, Magis Council, Fordham University Philippine American Club (FUPAC)
What I love about FCLC: The amazing people!
Favorite Spot: Any bubble tea shop because, you know, I love bubble tea!
One amazing thing I’ve seen or done:
One night, while my friends are I were in the Philippines, we went night swimming in a resort and we saw glowing algae in a beach. It looked so magical!

Mike Macalintal - Class of 2015

Moonachie, NJ
Theology, concentrated in Faith and Culture; Psychology minor
What I love about FCLC:
I absolutely love the people I've met at FCLC. They're the kind of people that inspire you to be better in one way or another, whether it's going out to be more academically motivated, getting involved on campus, or both. The people at FCLC are compassionate, motivated, ambitious, and they've got an incredible sense of style.
Commuter Freshman Mentor, FUEL (Fordham University Emerging Leaders)
Favorite Song:
"The Way You Look Tonight" by Frank Sinatra
Favorite Spot:
There is a rock at Central Park that just overlooks a baseball field, and on the right hand side is a playground with sprinklers that you see kids running through in the summertime. If you want, you can slide down the face of it, too. But, every conversation I've had on it has made a significant impact on the way I live my life.

Nicole Chmura - Class of 2014
Nicole Chmura

Hometown: Garfield, NJ
Major: Political Science; Minor in International Humanitarian Affairs
Clubs/Organizations: Colleges Against Cancer, Raising Interest in Social Environment (R.I.S.E.), NSO, Relay for Life, Campus Activities Board Concert Committee, Campus Ministry, GO!, McMahon Wellness
What I love about FCLC: I am all about community and I love the fact that at FCLC, it issuch a tight-knit community. I could be sitting in the Indoor Plaza for hours and get lost in conversation with a whole group of people I know who just happen to be walking by. You pretty much always know someone wherever you are on campus. It's awesome!
Favorite Song: I love anything and everything country, but if you throw on Icona Pop's "I Love It", I can't help but get pumped!
One amazing thing I’ve seen or done: The past two years I have participated in Global Outreach- a service program at Fordham I think everyone should consider! I went to Waynesburg, PA (right by West Virginia) where I worked with Habitat for Humanity as an alternative Spring Break. I not only saw some of the most beautiful natural scenery, but I also got to help build a house that someone would soon be living in. I can proudly say the house is still standing and the family is happier than ever!

Jeffrey Cipriano - Class of 2014
Jeffrey Cipriano

Hometown: Middlebury, CT
Major: Communications: TV & Radio concentration; Creative Writing minor
Clubs/Organizations: Residence Hall Association (RHA), Rainbow Alliance, NSO
What I love about FCLC: I love the people I've met at FCLC. There's a sincerity and openness to the people here that has given me the opportunity to learn a lot I wouldn't have otherwise. People are open, people are respectful, and people are willing to share their stories and experiences. It's very easy to build a strong personal community from all this openness and the resulting trust.
Favorite Spot: The counter of the Student Worker desk in 408. You meet everyone there, and it's an amazing bustle of activity and positive energy.
One amazing thing I’ve seen or done: I saw the London Symphony Orchestra perform in Trafalgar Square. I'm not a big classical music guy, but it was amazing. You could see right past the Orchestra to Big Ben and the Thames.

Margarita Papadogiannis - Class of 2015
Rita Papadogiannis

Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: English with a pre-med track
Clubs/Organizations: Vice President of RHA, New Student Orientation, and I volunteer at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital.
What I love about FCLC: I love FCLC's location and strong sense of diversity/community.
Favorite Spot: Although I am enjoying my summer at home in Houston (one of the most AMAZING places), my favorite NYC spot is the Columbus statue in Columbus Circle. Sitting on the steps of the statue glancing around at so many people, skateboarders, street performers, taxis, etc. makes me feel like I am sitting at the center of the world.
Favorite Song: Any song that Rob Thomas sings, or Ho Hey by the Lumineers.

Elizabeth Birnbaum - Class of 2015
Rita Papadogiannis

Hometown: East Rockaway, NY
Major: Environmental Science
Clubs/Organizations: RHA and NSO (of course!)
What I love about FCLC: What a close knit community FCLC fosters.
Favorite Spot: NYC or Australia
One amazing thing I've seen or done: I was the assistant choreographer of a circus!

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