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2005 Leadership Awards

Senior Leadership Awards 2005
The Alumni Award                                                              
  Mr. Guy Tardanico

Senior Leadership Awards                                                                                              
  Mr. Peter Cassar  
  Ms. Amanda Doherty                                                                                                         
  Mr. Michael Fieni                            
  Mr. Sean Jaques

The Community Service Award        
  Ms. Kate Cavanagh

The Journalism Award 
  Ms. Corinne Iozzio
2005 Leadership Awards

Back Row: Rev. Robert Grimes, S.J., Dean of FCLC, Ms. Heather O'Rourke, Ms. Jennifer Mussi, Mr. Sean Jaques,     Mr. Michael Fieni, Dr. Elizabeth Stone, Mr. Christopher Rodgers, Vice President Jeffrey Gray
Front Row: Ms. Kristin Lynch, Assistant Vice President for Development, Ms. Corinne Iozzio, Ms. Amanda Doherty, Mr. Guy Tardanico, Mr. Peter Cassar, Ms. Kate Cavanagh

Selection Committee
Ms. Michelle Brugal, Residence Hall Association
Mr. Anthony Hazell, Managing Editor of The Observer
Ms. Rita Hendricks, Assistant Dean, FCLC
Ms. Greer Jason, Director, Residential Life
Mr. Patrick Moynihan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Ms. Jennifer Mussi, Director of Student Activities and New Student Orientation
Ms. Heather O'Rourke, Associate Coordinator of Community Service
Ms. Diane Carter, Coordinator of Global Outreach
Ms. Catherine Wood, President of United Student Government
Chair: Mr. Christopher Rodgers, Dean of Students

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