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2006 Leadership Awards

Senior Leadership Awards 2006
The Alumni Award                                                              
  Ms. Margaret Shea

Senior Leadership Awards                                                                                              
  Mr.  Andrew Dodds   
  Ms. Gianna Migliorisi                                                                                                          
  Ms. Gillian Sloane                            
  Ms. Catherine Wood 

The Community Service Award        
  Ms. Bryn Clarke

The Journalism Award                                                                                                   
  Mr. Joseph DeLessio
  Ms.Grace Martinez

2006 Leadership Awards

From the Awards Dinner Program                                                                                                  
Saint Ignatius Loyola’s prayer describes their character well. Each has learned to be generous, each has given much and never paused to count the cost, each has fought good fights without heed to wounds and all have toiled without rest. Their labor is rewarded in the knowledge that they do God’s will by serving others through leadership, and our goal tonight is to provide the recognition for which none have asked.

  Christopher Rodgers
  Dean of Students for Lincoln Center

Selection Committee

Ms. Diane Carter, Coordinator of Global Outreach
Mr. John Davenport, Ph.D., Assistant Chair, Philosophy Department
Mr. Keith Eldredge, Assistant Dean of Student Life/ Director of Residential Life
Mr. Jonathan Giftos, Associate Coordinator, Community Service Program
Ms. Rita Hendricks, Assistant Dean, FCLC
Ms. Greer Jason, Director, Residential Life
Ms. Sandra Lobo, Director, Community Service Program
Ms. Danielle Pierce, President, United Student Government
Ms. Nell Plumfield, Residence Hall Association
Ms. Tamara Shehadeh, President, Commuting Students Association
Ms. Elizabeth Stone, Ph.D., Professor, Communications & Media Studies Departments
Chair: Ms. Dorothy Wenzel, Director, Student Leadership & Community Development

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