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Club Liaisons

Please speak with your club liaison if you have a question about your club status or constitution.  It is mandatory for each club’s liason to sign off on the club budget before it is reviewed by SABC.

Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC) – Julia Ash

Baseball Club - Sarah Devine

Campus Activities Board (CAB) – Matt Rodriguez

Chamber Singers

CIAO! – Sabarri Haque

Commuting Students Association (CSA) – Beta Coronel

Dance Alliance - Jennnifer Valdivieso

Desi C.H.A.I. - Sabarri Haque

Economics Society - Cindy Siu

French Society – Chelsea Marshall

FUPS – Dave de la Fuente

Gaelic Society – Elena Guberman

Gannon Speech & Debate – Natasha Pascetta

Global Outreach – Beta Coronel

I.S.I.S – Roxanne Garcia

Jewish Students Organization (JSO) – Ashley Tedesco


Middle Eastern Students Association (MESA) – Elena Guberman

Molimo – Julia Ash

The Observer – Natasha Pascetta

PARty (Peers Advocating Responsibility)  – Ashley Tedesco

Pre-Law Society – Jennifer Vasquez

Polish Students Organization (PSO)

Psychology Association

Radius – Matt Rodriguez

Rainbow Alliance – Jennifer Valdivieso

Residence Hall Association (RHA) – Francis Pastorelle

Society of Sociology and Anthropology – Roxanne Garcia

Student Arts Guild (SAG) – Cindy Siu

Science Club

Soccer Club – Chelsea Marshall


Student Organization of Latinos (SOL) – Jennifer Vasquez

Students for Solidarity
– Dave de la Fuente

Tae Kwon Do
– Francis Pastorelle

Tennis Club
– Sarah Devine


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