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Forming a New Club

Congratulations for taking the first step towards enhancing the Fordham University community as a whole, and FCLC in particular, by starting a new club!  By beginning this process, you have shown that you have what it takes to be a leader: an idea and follow-through.  Your prospective club will help to enhance the Fordham community not only during your time here, but for many years to come.  One facet of United Student Government is to help make your idea for a new club become a reality, so please let us know how we can do that better.  We wish you luck during the registration process and beyond!

Club Registration Process

  1. Contact Dorothy Wenzel, the Director of Student Leadership and Community Development in Room 408, (212) 636-6250.  She will give you a  club packet and direct you to the Club Committee Chairperson from the United Student Government (USG).  This person will advise you throughout the process of becoming a club.
  2. Find a faculty or staff member who is willing to advise the club members in their activities, and have  them sign the Faculty Advisor Consent Form.
  3. Obtain the signatures of ten (10) FCLC interested students.  Be sure to include the phone number of the prospective club president as a contact name.
  4. Write your club constitution, adhering to the guidelines set forth in this packet.  Be sure to explicitly state your club’s purpose in the constitution.
  5. When steps 1-4 are finished, bring the completed packet to the Director of Student Leadership and Community Development, and upon the approval of the Dean of Students, the packet will be given to the USG for approval.
  6. Once the club constitution is approved by the Dean and the President of the USG, the packet will be given to the USG senate for their recommendations and approval.
  7. Upon the approval of the above-mentioned parties, the club is considered a registered organization of FCLC.  However, it is also considered to be on probation for fourteen (14) weeks (not including recesses and finals).  A club on probation has all the rights and responsibilities of any official club except for receiving funds.  Please see the Club Rights and Responsibilities section for a list of rights and responsibilities.
  8. *Note:  If you are not yet a registered club, but would like to post signs or reserve a room, please contact the United Student Government for assistance.
  9. If after the 14- week period, the club is given official club status with all the privileges given to a club.  The club may request money from the Student Activities Budget Committee, make copies in the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development, reserve rooms for meetings, and make calls from Student Leadership and Community Development.
  10. * Note: If you are a registered club but are still in the 14-week probation period and would like funding, please contact the United Student Government for assistance. NOTE: Do not be intimidated by all the formality involved in forming a club.   The Dean of Students, the Director of Student Leadership and Community Development and the United Student Government are all here to assist a club in forming and succeeding.

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