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Undergraduate Appreciation Awards


The Undergraduate Appreciation Awards


ABOVE: Guests pose as the UNDYs begin.

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During the 2006-2007 schoolyear, the Student Affairs Committee focused on devising a leadership awards ceremony that recognizes stellar students from every class. They wanted to say thank you to the various student leaders and student workers that have made the current schoolyear so much fun. The Committee followed through with an idea to put on an awards ceremony.

On April 13, 2007, USG unveiled the first annual UNDY Awards in the Atrium. Each of the 22 different awards drew in a list of over 7 nominees each (some awards had a dozen nominees). The various nominees were selected for excelling at their work-study jobs, for living out their values through service, and for lending their time and talents to one of the many student organizations on campus. A selection committee was established to choose the winners.

The night featured laughs, smiles, and even some tears. We thank all who were involved with the planning, all who were honored, and all who were nominated for all of your work to make Fordham a wonderful university!

The COMPLETE list of recipients:

"Super Stamper" OSLCD Student Worker Award: Anthony Giacona (Class of 2008)
"Dungeon Master" Library Student Worker Award: Kierstin Quinsland (Class of 2007)
"Fordham's Finest" Security Student Worker Award: Christine Brown (Class of 2009)
"The Underappreciated Appreciation Award" For Student Workers in Less Visible Offices: Danny Larkin (Class of 2007)
"Grrreat Thespian!" The 'TONY' Award: Marjuan Canady (Class of 2008)
"The Billy Elliot Award" Best Dancer: Julia Ash (Class of 2008)
"Pimp my Showcase" Best Film / Art Exhibit: Mike Foley (Class of 2007)
"Muckracker of the Year" Outstanding Journalist Award: Christina Shanahan (Class of 2007)
"GO! Frequent Flyer" Outstanding GO! Member: Paloma Rahner (Class of 2008)
"Personal Assistant to the Big Guy" Campus Ministry Student Worker Award: Missa Northrop (Class of 2008)
"Outstanding Do-Gooder" Community Service Award: Megan Minturn (Class of 2007)
"Most Tours...of Duty" Ambassador Award: Russ Martonis (Class of 2007)
"Zookeeper Award" Outstanding Res. Life Staff Member: Daniel Witt (Class of 2007)
Program of the Year: CSA's White Party
Programmer of the Year: Christina Frankovic (Class of 2007)
"Most Active Clubber" Club Member of the Year: David de la Fuente (Class of 2010)
Freshman of the Year: David de la Fuente (Class of 2010)
Sophomore of the Year: Robert Isabella (Class of 2009)
Junior of the Year: Roxanne Garcia (Class of 2008)
Senior of the Year: Daniel Witt (Class of 2007)
Outstanding Organization of the Year: Commuting Student Association
Lifetime Achievement Award: Bridget Derry

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