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Undergraduate Appreciation Awards - Photos

Most Tours of Duty (Ambassador of the Year)- Russ Martonis (FCLC 2007)

GO! Frequent Flyer Award (Outstanding GO Member)- Paloma Rahner (FCLC 2008)

Programmer of the Year- Christina Frankovic (FCLC 2007)

From Left to Right: Danny Witt (Senior of the Year), Robert Isabella (Sophomore of the Year), Dave de la Fuente (Freshman of the Year), Roxanne Garcia (Junior of the Year)

Super Stamper Award (OSLCD Student Worker Award)- Anthony Giacona (FCLC 2008)

Muckracker of the Year (Outstanding Journalist)- Christina Shanahan (FCLC 2007)

Bridget Derry, Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, with Alex Morr (Vice President) and Danny Witt (President) of USG.

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