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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions
  • Cardiovascular/Weight Training/Mind & Body Classes: The skill level is mixed (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Each instructor will put a different spin on their class design based on their talents and expertise in the fitness industry.   
  • Ballet Tone: This ballet inspired total body sculpting class will increase flexibility and improve your posture. Bring out the grace and strength in yourself with these ballet exercises. This is a low impact class and is open to all levels.
  • Boot Camp: A cardio and strength class using highly varied workout techniques, including intervals, body weight training, and running. No two classes will be the same!
  • Box & Lift: Come and learn, or just fine tune your boxing technique. This class combines boxing punches, kicks and strength training all in one. Practice boxing combinations in a cardiovascular, muscular endurance and strength workout.
  • Complete Conditioning: Complete your total body weight training in one hour. This class includes a warm up, followed by muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility movements for the entire body.
  • Core Training: Strengthen your abdominals, obliques, and lower back in this 45 minute class. Don't waste time doing endless crunches!
  • Hip Hop Dance: This high energy dance class will make you sweat while working on isolation and flexibility movements. Each class will end with a new Hip Hop routine for you to learn! All levels of experience are welcome.
  • "KRAV MAGA" Centers of America: delivers a program that was developed in Israel by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to give soldiers an advantage in hand-to-hand fighting over their opponents.
            “Self Defense”: The program teaches you how to protect yourself based on real-world situations. It’s a fun and engaging way to obtain the highest level of fitness and stamina in a short period of time.
    Program Focus: Urban Self Defense Methods; Simple & Effective Hand To Hand Combat; Dynamic and Hybrid Fitness Training and Quality Of Life and Body Development.

     “Boot Camp”: A truly exciting and totally fun class, this is hybrid fitness at its best.  This program shreds and burns in all the right places, a constantly changing and dynamic fitness program. Using body weight and an engaging high intensity programming you will find this to be an amazing experience. 
  • Pilates Strength: This class will focus on strengthening the core muscles, abdominals and back, as well as increasing the entire body's muscular endurance. Weights are incorporated during the workout to challenge you further.
  • Ram Core: 30 minute class to develop strength within core muscles, which are the deep, internal muscles of the abdomen and back. Developing stability throughout your entire torso will help to relieve any back pain. You will learn how to properly stabilize your trunk which allows for more efficient movements.       
  • Spinning: a low impact; calorie burning cardiovascular workout led by a certified instructor on a spin bike. They will have you climbing, sprinting, running, and jumping to energizing music. Their various options will match your fitness level, new or experienced, come get stronger and fitter by taking a ride.
  • Tabata: high intensity training (HIIT) using a 20 work-10 rest time protocol for 8 rounds. That is repeated for 7 maybe 8 rounds!
  • The Fast Cycle: a fast burning, thirty minute biking class. Get in, get out!
  • "The Fordham Condition": The class begins with a cardiovascular warm-up. Next the class focus is to increase the total body’s muscular endurance, strength and flexibility using free weights, bars, or bands. The class ends with core and stretch work. Think Boot Camp meets Pilates!
  • Yoga with Bhadra: This class is a mixed level for new and experienced students. Most classes will include: Surya Namaskar (Salutations to the Sun), standing poses, back bends, forward bends, twists, Savasana(relaxation). There will be focuses on alignment, stability in postures and sequences. Come and explore your form.
  • Yoga with Sylvia: Classic yoga postures used in Astanga and Iyengar styles; practice to build strength and flexibility with awareness of breath, correct alignment and precise actions of the body.
  • ZUMBA: DITCH THE WORKOUT, JOIN THE PARTY. Combining fitness moves with easy-to-follow, fun choreography set to the hottest Latin and world music.  Zumba is an exhilarating, effective, calorie-burning dance fitness workout. Burn mega calories, dance your socks off, maybe even make some friends -- it's Exercise in Disguise!
  • Pop-Up Classes: Look out for these special extra POP-UP classes occurring throughout the semesters!
Attention Fordham Faculty, Staff, Administrator’s! Do you have co-workers, a department, or an athletic team that wants private classes held on a certain day/time? Contact me: !

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