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Rodrigue's Coffeehouse

We are the only student-run coffee house on campus, located at the adorably cubed Alumni House in between Queens Court and Alumni Court South. Doors are open Sunday to Thursday from 8pm to midnight, and served beverages are fair trade organic tea and coffee, hot cocoa and some specialty drinks. All students are welcome to hang out, caffeinate, volunteer as baristas, study, play pool, listen to music, philosophize, etc. We also function as an event/concert venue. We've hosted free Wednesdays, movie nights, other group events, etc. Concert-wise, our little coffee house has seen a lot of action- Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Matt and Kim, Mirah, David Bazan, The Blow, and the Hood Internet to name a few. All these events were suggested by students, and we will continue to program based on student input. We are all about students and being an alternative space for you on campus to kick it. In short, Rodrigue's is a good place to be.

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