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Forms and Resources for Organization Leaders

Forms for Student Organization Leaders: What are they and when do I use them?

If you want to submit an event to your organization's advisor and to OSLCD for approval...
Fill out an Room Reservation & Event Submission Form.  This form asks the basic questions related to event planning and reserving space on campus. It will help your organization's advisor and OSLCD advise you correctly.

If you want to alter your organization's budget...
Fill out a Budget Request Form.  This form will help to facilitate all of your budgetary needs.  By filling it out you can request additional funding from the Budget Committee, reallocate funds from one budget line to another, or change the date of an event for which you received funding.  Use the "Category" drop down box to distiguish which action your organization needs to take, and fill out the corresponding form.  It will be sent to the Budget Committee for review.

If you want to arrange transportation for an organization event...
Fill out an Enterprise Car Rental Form, a Bus Travel Request Form, or an Airplane Travel Request Form depending on your travel needs.  These forms ask important questions about your organization's upcoming travel plans.  When a form is completed, it will be sent to OSLCD for approval and further advising.

Helpful Resources for Student Organization Leaders

If you are in need of some quick tips to help you become a stronger organization leader...
Check out OSLCD's Leadership Quick Notes.  They are quick, one page guides created for student leaders to help answer some of their frequently asked questions:

          How do I run an effective club meeting?
          How can I delegate tasks to executive board and club members?
          How do I balance my time between work, school, and my organization?
          How can I help new members feel welcomed by our organization?
          How can I ensure my organization will remain successful after I graduate or leave my position?

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