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Commuter Assistants

Commuter Assistants (CAs)

Mission Statement


In order to support incoming commuter students at Fordham University Rose Hill, Commuter Assistants (CAs) maintain ongoing contact with their freshmen student groups throughout the year. CAs and their students will have the opportunity to learn from each other through regular in-person, telephone, and e-mail correspondence, as well as by attending events on and off campus. CAs will assist with the transition to college life, be responsive to students, and act as representatives of the Fordham community. Every first year commuter is assigned a CA during the summer preceding their first academic semester.


The intent is for first-year commuters to become effectively integrated into Fordham and the campus as a whole by building community and participating in campus events.  CAs will do this by programming events, programs, and workshops for first-year commuter students.  CAs will have office hours in the Student Lounge so they are easily accessible.


The Role of the Commuter Assistant


CAs will be able to:


Provide guidance and support to commuters to help assist with their transition to and success at the university.


Assist with commuters’ awareness regarding Fordham’s resources by responding to first year commuter questions and concerns.


Help commuters become effectively integrated into the campus community as a whole by building relationships and participating in campus events.


Assist in the development of events, programs, and community meetings for commuter students.


Meet the 2014-2015 Commuter Assistants:


Anthony Barbieri  - Class of 2015

Analisa Blanco  - Class of 2017

Eliana Cruz  - Class of 2016

Joey Guarnaccia - Class of 2016

Jennings McCarthy - Class of 2017

Ashley McCorey - Class of 2016

Gaetano Migliaccio - Class of 2015

John O'Connor  - Class of 2016

Joe Rapp  - Class of 2017

Andrew Santis  - Class of 2016

Alice Smyth  - Class of 2015

Paul Spano  - Class of 2015

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