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Commuter Assistants (CAs)

Mission Statement


In order to support incoming commuter students at Fordham University Rose Hill, Commuter Assistants (CAs) maintain ongoing contact with their freshmen student groups throughout the year. CAs and their students will have the opportunity to learn from each other through regular in-person, telephone, and e-mail correspondence, as well as by attending events on and off campus. CAs will assist with the transition to college life, be responsive to students, and act as representatives of the Fordham community. Every first year commuter is assigned a CA during the summer preceding their first academic semester.


The intent is for first-year commuters to become effectively integrated into Fordham and the campus as a whole by building community and participating in campus events.  CAs will do this by programming events, programs, and workshops for first-year commuter students.  CAs will have office hours in the Student Lounge so they are easily accessible.


The Role of the Commuter Assistant


CAs will be able to:


Provide guidance and support to commuters to help assist with their transition to and success at the university.


Assist with commuters’ awareness regarding Fordham’s resources by responding to first year commuter questions and concerns.


Help commuters become effectively integrated into the campus community as a whole by building relationships and participating in campus events.


Assist in the development of events, programs, and community meetings for commuter students.



Anthony Barbieri  - Class of 2015

Analisa Blanco  - Class of 2017

Eliana Cruz  - Class of 2016

Joey Guarnaccia - Class of 2016

Jennings McCarthy - Class of 2017

Ashley McCorey - Class of 2016

Gaetano Migliaccio - Class of 2015

John O'Connor  - Class of 2016

Joe Rapp  - Class of 2017

Andrew Santis  - Class of 2016

Alice Smyth  - Class of 2015

Paul Spano  -Class of 2015

Name: Anthony (aka Tony) Barbieri.

·         I am a Senior at Fordham College at Rose Hill.

·         Major: Mathematics Major on the Applied Mathematics track.

·         Involvement: On campus - New Student Orientation (NSO) as a Captain, Grader and Tutor for the  Mathematics Department, and obviously one of the twelve amazing Commuter Assistants!

·         Hometown: Yonkers, New York

·         Currently Location: Off-Campus Housing (Res-muter)

·         Hobbies: Some of my hobbies include bowling, Fordham events, watching the NY Yankees and NY Giants and my favorite cooking!

·         Advice: My biggest advice is to get really involved in at least one club each year. Its a great way to build community and meet new people.

Name: Joey Guarnaccia

·         Year: Junior

·         Hometown: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

·         Major/Minor: Double-major Anthropology and Sociology

·         Hobbies: Playing guitar, writing music, and playing videogames

·         Favorite place to go near Fordham: Tino's

Name: John O'Connor

·         Hometown: New Rochelle, NY

·         Major: Economics

·         Grade: Junior

·         I'm a big New York Knicks fan

·         I like to cook

·         I also like to play video games

·         Anything athletic? Let’s do it! (Just not Volleyball)

Name: Alice Smyth

·         Year: Senior

·         Hometown: Yonkers, NY (Westchester aka the Bestchester)

·         Major: Business Administration

·         Dual Concentrations: Marketing & Communications and Media

Name: Eliana J. Cruz

·         Year: 2016- Junior

·         Hometown: Riverdale, Bronx, NY

·         Major: Communications and English

·         Minor: Business Administration

·         Hobbies:

o   Fine Arts, (Painting, drawing, museum and gallery exploring)

o   Pretending to be Martha Stewart

o   Trying new fitness routines

·         Favorite NYC Spot: Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, it’s a serene, well-manicured park and landmark.

·         Favorite Fordham Food: Bellini’s Pizza, Artuso’s Pastry Shop, Umai’s Sushi

·         Things I do on campus: Commuter Assistant, Public Affairs Officer for React to Film, Women’s Rugby, and a transient cultural club attendee. 

Name: Gaetano Migliaccio

·         Hometown: Yonkers, NY

·         Major: International Political Economy/ Italian

·         Minor: Business Administration

·         Year: Senior

·         I’m passionate about languages, music, and cooking, and this is my 3rd year as a CA. On campus, I am also a FASA, a tutor in the Italian department, and the Programmer for Insieme’s E-Board. You can reach out to me to find out about virtually anything on campus!

Name: Andrew Santis

·         Year: Junior

·         Hometown: Flushing, Queens, NY

·         Major: Marketing with a concentration in international business and information systems

·         Involvement on campus: A LOT! NSO Orientation Leader, play clarinet for the University Band and Orchestra and Pep Band, Opinion Writer for The Ram, GSB Advising Assistant, RHS University Ambassador, and a CA.

·         Hobbies/Things I like to do: watch soccer, swim, play clarinet, read, walk around NYC

·         Favorite place in NYC: Brooklyn Bridge Park

·         Favorite place on Arthur Ave: Tino’s

Name: Paul Spano

·         Year: Senior (2015)

·         Hometown: Bronx, NY

·         Major: Pre-Med - Psychology

·         Involvement on campus:  Commuter Assistant (CA), Ballroom Dance E-Board member, Fordham Club, Vice President Gray’s Student Advisory Council, Autism Speaks, NSO captain, Global Outreach (GO!), Psychology Club, Insieme, and intramural sports (soccer).

·         Advice: My biggest tid-bit of advice is to never settle for what you feel is comfortable - with comfort comes stability and, with stability, eventual stagnation.  College is a time for learning, expanding your horizons, meeting new people and, most importantly, for bettering yourself in order to achieve a happy and successful future.  By settling for what feels comfortable and not taking advantage of the many beneficial opportunities that are at hand, the opportunity for development and personal enhancement is mitigated.  PLEASE don’t be scared to take a chance during this leap of faith, be confident in your abilities, and be proud while asking questions because, as a member of the Fordham Family, our quest for knowledge and communal opportunity is a life long journey.

·         Hobbies: I am a past figure skater, instruct golf during the summer, love watching football (especially the NY Giants and Peyton Manning), play way too much frisbee, eat much more than I need (YOLO, I’m crazy about food and cooking), am an avid concert goer, and love working at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital’s physical therapy department.

·         Favorite Food Joints in NYC: Pio Pio, Eataly, Carmine’s, Full Moon, Tino’s Deli, ChikaLicious, Carnegie Deli

Name: Jennings McCarthy

·         Year: Class of 2017; Sophomore at Fordham College Rose Hill

·         Hometown: Bronx, NY

·         Major: Communications

·         Minor: Marketing & Afro Studies

·         On-Campus: Commuter Assistant, Reporter for WFUV News, Orientation Leader for NSO, CSA Liason, Intramural Sports

·         Off-Campus: Community Service, Chief Editor for Desciuit NY, Sales Associate at Reed Space

·         Interests: Sports, Music, Fashion, Art, Dance, Entertainment, Food, Movies & Television, Video Games, Traveling, and Trying New Things as often as possible

·         Favorite NY Spots: SoHo, Union Square, Lincoln Center, Central Park, Morningside Park, Riverside Park, St. James Park, Poe Park, Yankee Stadium, MOMA, an anywhere near Fordham Road

·         Favorite Fordham Spots: Hero City, China City, Golden Krust, La Parilla, Carvel, Domino's, Pugsley's, Little Italy (Umai Fusion, Estrellita's, Tino's Deli, Bellini's)

·         Pieces of Advice:

1.       Explore what lies beyond your comfort zone. Magnificent opportunities await you there.

2.       Strive to be the best YOU every day. Always give it your all in anything you do and make each day better than the last.

3.       Meet new people, make new friends, and network, but never lose your sense of who you are. Who you are, where you're from and what you believe in are all things that make you, YOU!


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