Commuter Life

The Best of Both Worlds

You will find that attending college at the Rose Hill campus of Fordham University while living in and around New York City is a rewarding experience. Commuting students really do have the best of both worlds: you study at a Jesuit University in the heart of the greatest city in the world while living at home with your support group around you. Stay connected with parents, families, friends and local communities within the New York metropolitan area while taking advantage of everything else New York City has to offer. You will soon find that there is never a dull moment on campus. With more than 80 clubs and organizations to choose from, and a student government designed just for you, you never feel out of place on campus.


The Commute to Campus

Many commuters at Rose Hill drive to campus. Parking decals cost $460 per year, or $11 per day, and can be purchased at the Security Office, located in Thebaud Hall. Rose Hill commuters also make their way to campus via the many convenient public transportation options around campus, including the Metro-North, the D and 4 trains, and the Bx9 and Bx12 buses. Commuters using public transportation should be prepared to find an alternate route home in the event of a mass transit delay or service stoppage. It is a good idea to know the cost of a taxi ride home and carry that amount of cash at all times.  If you plan to be on campus late at night, you may want to consider driving or planning a ride home. Thinking about commuting issues in advance can help new students prepare for times when their routine may become disrupted because of weather, mass transit delays or the need to be on campus at night.


Staying Connected

Here at Fordham, we expect our students to immerse themselves in campus life. Meeting with professors during office hours, researching papers in Walsh Library, participating in study groups, attending social or weekend social programs, joining in one of our service programs and assuming a leadership position in an on-campus club are just a few of the advantages of attending Fordham. All this on-campus involvement may mean your college schedule appears to be less structured than your high school schedule. It is important to have a conversation with family and roommates about basic expectations such as curfews, checking in with home when staying late on campus, or alternative commuting options in the event of an emergency. Discussing issues like these before classes begin can help ease the transition to college and helps families and students stay connected.

Commuter Student Services

Commuters are a vital part of the Fordham campus community and there are many resources available to help make your experience complete. Stop into Commuter Student Services, located in the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development in McGinley Center, Room 204. We provide programs and services specifically for commuters throughout the year. If you are looking for a way to get involved, curious about how student organizations work, interested in attending a program, have a question about a University policy or need to locate a resource on campus—this is your place to turn. We’re glad you’re part of our Fordham community, and Commuter Student Services is here to help make campus your home away from home!

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