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The Office of Student Leadership and Community Development offers many on-campus traditions that students can expect to participate in each year. This web page was created to help inform the Lincoln Center community of all the programs that will take place in the upcoming academic year.

If you would like to become involved in the planning of these programs or would like to get involved in student organizations, please visit the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development in the McGinley Center, Suite 204.

New Student Orientation
The New Student Orientation program contains many traditions that are shared between all campuses of Fordham University, but here are a few identifiable Rose Hill traditions within the program:

"Welcome to Fordham (insert new student's first name here)!"  This greeting is literally screamed through a megaphone by an Orientation Leader as each new resident student drives onto campus for the first time.  The new students and their families appreciate the personalized attention and it is a great way for the Orientation team to get to know the new students in those first few minutes on campus.

"We are ... Fordham!" This chant was introduced to the Rose Hill community seven years ago and it stuck.  It is our official Orientation cheer and it helps foster a sense of campus community during the three-day program.  The chant reappeared at class diploma ceremonies and is now a Fordham favorite, so whenever you hear "We are" you know to reply with "Fordham!"

Week of Welcome
Week of Welcome is an extension of Orientation, but it includes programming for the entire undergraduate community.  Recurring Week of Welcome programs include: Club Fair, tickets to a Yankee Game, Campus Activity Board special events and other start of the academic year programming.  The purpose of Week of Welcome is to get students involved in programming and reintegrate into the campus community.

Leadership Weekend
Leadership Weekend is an entire weekend devoted to the current and upcoming student leaders at Fordham. This off-campus retreat takes place during the beginning of the academic year to adequately ready student leaders for the upcoming school year. However, much of Leadership Weekend is beneficial for the years after Fordham!!!

Typically, Leadership Weekend centers on a single theme which sets the tone for the weekend. Past weekend themes have been The Anatomy of Leadership: Leadership Inside & Out, There’s No I in Team, and Leadership Construction. While the theme may change, the message of ethical leadership and its many different applications in peer relationships and business remains the consistent message.

Students return after a weekend away full of activities, seminars, ropes courses, and personal time with a greater understanding of their own potential and that of those around them. Lead on!!!

Fordham Week
Fordham Week is a week of programming organized by the United Student Government, in conjunction with the Campus Activities Board, the Commuting Students Association, and the Residence Halls Association, as well asmany other clubs on campus.  Fordham Week showcases many clubs and club programs.

Commuter Week
Commuter Week is a week of programming designed by commuters for commuters and it is sponsored by CSA.  Commuter Week often features daily off campus and on campus programs and is open to all students.  Popular events from the past include cake decorating, superhero courses, and tours of NBC studios.

Spring Weekend
Spring Weekend celebrates the final weekend of programming before students begin final exams and is organized by the Campus Activities Board.  Big screen movie nights, dance parties, comedy shows, and a Saturday concert make Spring Weekend one of students’ favorite weekends on campus.  

Senior Week
Senior Week caps off the Fordham experience and features five days of programming for seniors and their families.  The long-standing traditions within Senior Week are the Senior Ball at Pier 60 and the Parent Appreciation Dinner Dance.  Other traditions include the Baccalaureate Mass and Jesuit Barbecue.

Senior Leadership Awards
Late in the Spring semester every year, the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development, in conjunction with Student Affairs, presents awards to seniors who demonstrate exemplary leadership during their enrollment at the University. 

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