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Laennec Society

Laennec Society

The mission of the Laennec academic society is to promote academic excellence in pre-medical scholarship and to create an atmosphere of success within the pre-med community at Fordham University.

Executive Board Members:
President: Olivia Begasse de Dhaem,
Vice-President: Sebastian Kolaj,
Treasurer: Steven Bondi,
Secretary: Hussein Safa,
Member: Ben Marsh,
Member: Fallon France,

Spring 2011:
  • January 25th: General Meeting
  • February 1st: Book Club Meeting
  • February 9th: Making Valentine's Candygrams to deliver to children in a primary care facility in the Bronx
  • February 14th: Bake Sale to fundraise for the American Cancer Society
  • March 22nd: Meeting about Autism and Movie Screening: Temple Grandin
  • April 1st: Performance Show at Murray Weigel
  • April 27th: Kickball fundraiser for the American Cancer Society
A picnic in Central Park and a trip to a museum in Manhattan will be organized too.

The senior students who have been most dedicated to the Laennec Society over the past years will be invited for a dinner with Dr. Heald, the Director of Pre-Health Professions Advising, at the end of the semester.

Fall 2010:
  • November 9th: Juice + Cheese Talk about Healthcare bill.
  • October 29th: Laennec Masquerade Dance: Relay for Life fundraiser. Campus-wide event.
  • October 29th: Trip to Murray Weigel: Art performances and board games with the Jesuits.
  • October 26th: Making Halloween candy grams for children in a Bronx primary care facility.
  • October 6th: Trip to Murray Weigel: Art performances and board games with the Jesuits.
  • September 29th: General Meeting: 1. Brief Information Session about Teach for America, 2. Brief Information Session about DAAD, 3.Group discussion about a scientific article that will be emailed shortly to the members.
  • September 14th: Informal Speech + Discussion with Marc Tambini, Fordham Alum, currently doing a MD/PhD at Columbia University.
  • September 11th: Participation in the Fordham Service and Justice Day as a Laennec group.
  • September 8th, 5:30pm, Keating 3rd: First General Meeting: Information about the semester to come and ice-breaker to welcome the new members.
  • Date to be determined: CPR and vitals training.
  • Date to be determined: Medical School Admission Dean talking about getting into medical school.
  • Date to be determined: Healthy Cooking Lesson.
And much more to come: great speakers, book discussion, movie night (Supersize Me), one day of volunteering events, Relay for Life fundraisers (members volunteering for one or several peanut butter and jelly sales to get money for the American Cancer Society), etc., and an event for seniors at the end of the year to celebrate being a pre-med/Laennec member for the past four years.

Being a Laennec member is part of the awesomeness of being pre-med at Fordham!

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