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Psi Chi - The International Honor Society in Psychology

Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, was established on September 9, 1929 to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology.  Fordham's first Psi Chi Chapter, Lincoln Center Chapter #576, was established on December 9, 1983 by Dr. Harold Takooshian. Dr. Takooshian has long been devoted to Psi Chi, serving as Fordham's Psi Chi Faculty Advisor since 1983, and as Psi Chi's 1988-89 National President.
Fordham's Psi Chi organization accepts students who are enrolled in Fordham's graduate, undergraduate, and evening psychology programs; as well as faculty members. Psi Chi provides students with an opportunity to get to know psychology students and professors outside of the classroom setting at both scholarly and fun activities. Activities are often co-sponsored with Fordham's Psychology Clubs.

Psi Chi provides students to meet and collaborate with other psychology students on a national and international basis, opening the door to friendships as well as research collaboration. Psi Chi members who attend the annual APA Convention, and other psychology conventions, will enjoy events sponsored by Psi Chi, and relaxing at the Psi Chi Hospitality Suite. 

Workshops, Seminars, Notable speakers..., and FUN

Psi Chi sponsors or co-sponsors workshops and seminars each year to promote the scholarship of psychology students, especially those with aspirations to complete a Graduate program in psychology. For example:

Workshops and Seminars

1. Research
    --How conducting research can increase the likelihood that you will be accepted into the graduate program of your choice.
    -- When should you begin conducting research as an undergraduate?
    -- How to pick a professor, or professors, with whom you will work.
    -- What if I don't really know what area of psychology I am interested in?
    -- Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed-Methods
    -- Using statistics to identify the meaning of your data.

2. Tips for success when taking standardized tests: The GRE

3. Grad School Seminar

    --Masters or Doctorate???
    -- Considerations when selecting the Psychology program that will be the best fit for you
    -- Counseling or Clinical??? PhD or PsyD???
    -- Preparantion, Deadlines, and the Process
    -- Personal Statements

4. Surviving and Thriving as an undergraduatein College and in Graduate School
    --Adjusting to Change
    --Practicing self-care
    --Time management
    --Finding balance
    --Study Skills
    --Available resources

Notable Psychologists and Speakers

Kitty Genovese Retrospective

For many years, Fordham Psi Chi has co-hosted a retrospective which honors the life of Kitty Genovese, who was murdered in Kew Gardens while 38 people chose not to get involved or intervene on her behalf. This tragedy, an event that has been studied in Social Psychology for over 40 years, is examined from the perspectives of personal accounts, law enforcement, judicial, and psychology. 

2009-2010 Speakers to be announced...


Psi Chi Social events

An annual social event is held in the fall, after the Psi Chi induction. Other more casual gatherings are planned in New York City at popular but affordable restaurants or lounges--on rooftops or at sea level, museums, free or affordable concerts, and other places where psychologically minded people congregate.

Psi Chi Movie Nights
Popular films are selected that illustrated a form of psychopathology, or a particular psychological construct or topic. We then invite an expert in the area of psychology contained in the film, afterwhich we watch the movie!  Free movies, popcorn, good friends and fun...., what's not to like???  If there are movies that you would like Psi Chi to consider for Psi Chi Movie Night, send your suggetion to:

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