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Transferring Your Psi Chi Membership

Psi Chi Membership Requirements

Membership in Psi Chi is open to qualified candidates of any age, sex, sexual orientation, race, handicap or disability, color, religion, and national and ethnic origin who meet the following criteria for membership. 

Undergraduate student applicants:

  • Must be enrolled as an undergraduate student at Fordham University 
  • Must have completed 12 credit hours in psychology courses
  • Must have an overall GPA, and a Psychology GPA, of at least 3.2 on a 4-point scale 

Graduate student applicants:

  • Must be enrolled as in a psychology graduate program at Fordham University
  • Must have an overall GPA of at least 3.00 on a 4-point scale in all graduate courses, including psychology course

** Graduate students who have transferred to Fordham University, who are interested in becoming a Psi Chi member, must complete one semester at Fordham to establish a GPA in addition to the above requirements

Transferring Your Psi Chi Membership to FordhamYou may transfer your Psi Chi membership to Fordham University after completing one semester at Fordham to establish a GPA. To transfer your membership, please send an email to Dr. Harold Takooshian at, Fordham's Psi Chi Faculty Advisor. 

Please include the following information in your email:  1) the name of the university where you became a Psi Chi member, 2) the year in which you became a Psi Chi member (the approximate year, if you cannot recall), 3) your name at the time you became a member.

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