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International Community of Fordham

The International Community of Fordham (ICF)

The International Community of Fordham (ICF) aims to introduce the Fordham community to various world cultures. With the increasing popularity of globalization and the emerging world market, it has become a necessity for people to have great connections internationally. Being the most geographically diverse club on Fordham's campus, ICF believes that students will be more exposed to the different global resources.

From international food festivals to international business opportunities presentations, ICF strives to continuously connect students with the broad opportunities that are available worldwide through events and showcases.

ICF also provides mentorship programs for international students to help them get acquainted with the local American lifestyle. The mentors in the club aspire to make sure that the international students become more familiar with the new environment so that they enjoy their time spent at Fordham and in New York.

Meetings: Tuesday, KE 2nd Floor @ 5:15 PM

Indita Probosutedjo (Indonesia) 

Garvaundo Hamilton (Jamaica) 
Vice President 

Madeline Downs (Hong Kong) 

Alejandra de Lecea (Belgium) 
Marketing/PR Director 

Qian Wenchang (China) 

SiHien Goh (Singapore) 
USG Liaison 

Jessica Tjandra (Indonesia) 
GLOBE Liaison 

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