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Jewish National Fund- Go Neutral Environmental Movement

"When you board a plane, drive a car, or even do your laundry it takes a toll on the environment. We encourage you to take measures to minimize your carbon emissions and offset the remainder through our JNF program.

Through this campaign, you can calculate how much carbon you emit each year, and become “carbon neutral” by planting trees in Israel. One tree will offset one ton of carbon over its lifetime.

You can also help fund JNF environmental programs to halt desertification, boost water supplies through reservoirs and waste water reclamation, grow crops efficiently in the desert and create green “lungs” around urban areas." (JNF Website)


"The word hazon is Hebrew for "vision."

Our vision is to create a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community -- as a step towards a healthier and more sustainable world for all.

Our vision is of a renewed Jewish community: one that is rooted in Jewish tradition, engaged with the world around us, radically inclusive, passionate and creative.

Our vision is of a community that fosters people's journeys, that engenders compassion among its members, and that recognizes that there are shivim panim l'torah - seventy ways to understand the Torah.

Our vision is of a community in which people's lives are enriched through engagement and challenge: engagement across difference, with those of different ages or backgrounds or beliefs, and challenge, both physical and intellectual, a mechanism for learning, growing and acting.

Our vision is of a community that engages vitally with the world in which we live, and in doing so achieves two things: the renewal of Jewish life itself, and the addition of a further chapter in the distinctive contribution that Jewish people have made to the world for three thousand years.

Our vision is of a community that seeks in myriad ways to learn and ultimately to live Hazon's theme-quote:

"the Torah is a commentary on the world,
and the world is a commentary on the Torah..."

Our mission is to use two vital program areas to accomplish our mission.
  • The first of these is outdoor physical challenge; the best-known part of our work in this area is a series of Jewish Environmental Bike Rides, in the US and Israel.
  • The second is looking at food through the double prism of Jewish tradition and contemporary life. Our work in this area includes the first CSAs (Community-Supported Agriculture programs) in the American Jewish community, as well as educational curricula, work in schools, an annual conference, and an award-winning blog.

All of our programs have these characteristics in common:

  • A deep commitment to inclusive community
  • A determination to reach people where they are, not where we might like them to be
  • Putting significant resources into participant empowerment and leadership development
  • Enabling people to integrate learning and action
  • Creating powerful experiences for our participants because doing so is a vital step towards effecting change in the world

Our programs foster community that is passionate, joyful, spiritual and socially progressive; and that emphasizes tolerance, respect, and diversity.

Our programs enable people to move forward in their lives with a renewed commitment to Jewish life, renewed insight into how to accomplish social change, and a deeper sense of hope that we can create a better world for all." (Hazon's Website)

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