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Marketing and Passive Programming

Marketing and Passive Programming

Peer Educators facilitate marketing and passive programming campaigns to increase awareness of issues relating to alcohol and other drug use and abuse on campus.  These programs are an effort to empower students to make informed choices regarding their health and well-being.


2008-2009                                                                      2007-2008

Informs students of the most common acquaintance rape drug

Do you know how much you're drinking?

With the money that college students spend on alcohol per year, you could buy...

Men and women absorb alcohol at different rates.

An attempt to explain to students the effect of alcohol on the sleep cycle.

An encourager for students to take the E-Chug online.

Developed by Facts on Tap, this poster has a true/false quiz about Marijuana use and abuse.

Also developed by Facts on Tap, this poster exposes the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Developed for our Safe Spring Weekend Campaign.

2009-2010 By:  Eric Goncalves and Christine Ropke

2010-2011 By:  Leah Olverd and Melissa Tesoro

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