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Fordham Experimental Theatre (FET)



While the primary goal of any theater group is to put on quality shows, it is the underlying philosophy by which FET operates that makes this organization very unique.  Fordham Experimental Theater (FET) is  wholly dedicated to the student. Each show is cast by, produced by, chosen by, directed by, acted by, and sometimes written by members of the student body.While these duties are usually the responsibility of the student who proposed or submitted the featured show (as well as the producer), much delegation does and is encouraged to occur.  The sharing of these experiences serves to strengthen the hope to foster a community of competent and uniquely qualified people all dedicated to the common goal of quality in theater.  Due to FET's unstructured nature, the student is not limited in their interpretation of a character, setting, or any other theater troupe.  Not to be ignored, FET also provides an extraordinary opportunity for the actors.  By working with a student director, the actors often find themselves in a position where their voice and experience will often be called into play for the successful completion of a show.

By creating a space in which limitations are few, it is FET's hope that the students gain a sense of creative competence, discovers or strengthens an artistic voice, or simply learns how to put up a show while getting everything done that needs to be accomplished.

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