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Events from the 2009-2010 Academic Year


  Steve Forbes at Fordham

As the capstone event for the academic year, with a generous grant from Young America's Foundation, the Fordham College Republicans hosted Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes, Inc. in the Fordham Prep Auditorium. Nearly 1,000 students and community members attended this lecture, where Mr. Forbes spoke of the economic climate, and what needed to be done to get out of the current recession.

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Fordham Republicans on Glenn Beck

Five Fordham Republicans were invited to be members of the Glenn Beck show's audience during his special on campus political activism. Two of our very own students, Kevin Fallon, Treasurer, and Katie Poedtke, President, were guests on his panel, broadcasting their opinions to millions of Americans at home.



CPAC 2010 - Fordham CRs Recognized

As we do each and every spring, the College Republicans made the political pilgrimage to Washington, D.C. to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference, and hear from conservative intellectuals and leaders from across the nation.

As a recognition of their hard work and incredible talent, Chadwick Ciocci and Katie Poedtke, both at one time presidents of the Fordham Republicans, spoke on a student activist panel, describing their methods and accomplishments. Their speeches were broadcast live on C-SPAN, and ttens of housands of conservatives across the country heard our story.

Defining Conservatism Panel Discussion

In conjunction with the Young Americans for Liberty at Fordham, the College Republicans hosted a panel discussion for about 60 students discussing the finer points of the conservative movement. The YAL students argued on behalf of strictly libertarian principles, with a mainstream conservative input from the College Republican members on the panel. The issues of drug legalization and foreign policy were the focus of the night.


Veterans Day

To celebrate Veterans Day, the Fordham Republicans sent a group to the local VA hospital to meet and spend time with infirmed veterans. In the afternoon, we recorded video thank you messages from many members of the Fordham community for the troops oversea.

World Freedom Day @ Fordham University

To commemmorate the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Fordham College Republicans constructed a 6' x 8' wall with graffiti and information printed on it, and educated our fellow Fordham students about totalitarianism and the evils of a planned economic system throughout the day. Chairman of the RNC Michael Steele visited us, and signed our wall, saying "No wall can stop freedom."


College Republicans v.
College Democrats Debate

In an annual tradition at Fordham, the College Republicans went head to head with the College Democrats to debate current political issues. The Fordham College Republicans hammered home the importance of conservative values using logic and evidence while debating a wide range of topics including: health care, corporate campaign finance, the fair tax, and foreign policy.

The Politically Incorrect Lecture on Global Warming, with Chris Horner

Chris Horner, a senior fellow from the American Enterprise Institute, gave an inspiring lecture to about 70 Fordham students debunking the global warming movement. Mr. Horner attended a dinner reception with a gathering of Fordham Republicans after the lecture.

Not Evil, Just Wrong - Documentary Premiere

During our "Green Week" we hosted a screening of the premiere of the acclaimed documentary, Not Evil, Just Wrong, exposing the fallacies that support the anthropogenic global warming movement.

9/11 Never Forget Project

In conjunction with Young America's Foundation, the Fordham College Republicans joined numerous other colleges throughout the nation in a flag memorial, honoring those killed in the attacks of September 11th, 2001. 2,752 flags were placed in the shape of the Twin Towers, alongside a Fordham 'F', created with 36 flags symbolizing the 36 Fordham Rams who perished in the attacks.



Johan Norberg at Fordham

Johan Norberg, a financial scholar from the Cato Institute, kicked off our academic year by discussing the root causes of the financial crisis while promoting his book, Financial Fiasco: How America's Infatuation with Homeownership and Easy Money Created the Economic Crisis.

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