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There are numerous ways to involve yourself in conservative activism here at Fordham. Each semester we sponsor numerous events, ranging from conservative speakers to political debates with other clubs on campus to socials, softball games, and club trips!

Listed below are a mere portion of our activities and contact persons for getting involved.

Debate Committee   Marketing Committee
Chairman: T. W. Arrighi
  Chairman: Andrew Harrington
Activities: Preparing members for regular debates with other clubs and refining conservative argumentation and policy.   Activities: Promoting club events and creating necessary publications and informational documents for the club.
Policy Committee   Social Committee
Chairman: N/A
  Chairman: Elisabeth DeBeus
Activities: Coordinating issue-based education and advocacy using presentations, protests, demonstrations, exhibits, and media campaigns.   Activities: Coordinating social events for club members and with other Fordham clubs and outside conservative organizations and political campaigns.
Social Justice Program   Intramurals Program
Director: Colleen Chambers   Coordinator: Tom Emala
Activities: Coordinating charitable activities for the Club and promoting a proper understanding of how to achieve "social justice" on the Fordham campus.   Activities: Coordinating the various Republican intramural teams. Depending on season, the Republicans might be playing softball or volleyball.

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