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2013-2014 Executive Board

Mock Trial Team Executive Board

Team President

Ady Vijay, FCLC 2015
Ady is an Economics major who hopes to study foreign investment in developing economies after graduation. He previously served as the program’s Administrative Vice President from 2012-2013. Ady was instantly drawn to join Mock Trial as a freshman because he enjoys talking and having other people listen.

Vice President of Finance
Mike Levy, FCLC 2014
Mike is a political science and philosophy double major. After graduating he plans to go to law school. Mike joined mock trial as a sophomore because of his interest in law and because he thought it would be a good way to make new friends.

Vice President of Travel
Nuwani Irizarry, FCLC, 2016
Nuwani is a political science major who plans to attend law school after college. She joined mock trial because she dressed up and pretended to be fictional people on weekends anyway, so she figured getting trial and public speaking experience would be a bonus. Her favorite part about mock is cross examination and objection arguments because these require the most improvisation and thinking on your feet, so they can sometimes get heated and are always impressive to watch. 

Vice President of Administration
Jennifer Beall, FCLC 2016
Jennifer is a history major planning on pursuing a minor in creative writing who plans on pursuing a career in a public history field. Jennifer decided to join mock trial at Fordham because she decided six years of mocking in middle and high school wasn't enough. Her favorite part of mock is the challenge to constantly think on your feet since it requires thinking creatively in a way that few other activities do.

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