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Tournament Results

2013 NCT
FCLC finished with a respectable 5-7 record in its first appearance at the AMTA National Championship Tournament. FCLC Team 1327 faced teams from University of Virginia, Rhodes College, Tufts University, and Northwestern University. 

2013 Open Round Championship Series
Fordham earned a 5th place finish and its first ever bid to the National Championship Tournament. The team faced tough competitors from King’s College, Columbia University, University of Vermont, and the University of Pennsylvania. FCLC’s strong showing was anchored by outstanding performances from Will Bergesch (FCLC ’13) and James Pedersen (FCLC ’16), both of whom received individual awards. 
2013 Regional Tournament
After competing in 4 tough rounds and braving the Rhode Island winds, FCLC Team 1328 emerged victorious and finished 1st in a field of 20 Northeast teams. The team’s strong performance secured a bid to the Open Rounds Championship Series in Philadelphia. Fordham’s collective success was a product of strong individual performances and yielded individual awards for: Debbie March (FCLC 13), Carmelle Alipio (FCLC ’13), Will Bergesch (FCLC ’13), Ady Vijay (FCLC ’13), Alec Washburn (FCLC ’13). 

2013 Fordham University Sapentia et Doctrina Invitational
Both FCLC teams had strong showings at Rose Hill’s invitational; FCLC Team 1328 finished 6-2 to earn 3rd place in the entire tournament and FCLC Team 1327 finished 5-3. The program faced teams from Brandeis, Iona, Penn State, Trinity, Buffalo, NYU, Rose Hill, and the King's College. Alec Washburn (FCLC ’13) and Mathews de Caravalho (FCLC ’13)were recognized for their strong efforts with individual awards. 

2012 Boston College Invitational
FCLC Team 1328 finished with a 4-4 record in the inaugural BC Invitational. The team faced competitors from Trinity College, Tufts University, Boston University, and Roger Williams University. 

2012 UMass Amherst Invitational
FCLC’s two teams both had stellar showings at UMass where FCLC Teams 1328 and 1327 finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. The teams faced opponents from Suffolk, Trinity, Holy Cross, Tufts, Brandeis and Rose Hill. Mike Levy (FCLC ’14), Daniel Grossbaum (FCLC’13), Mat de Caravalho (FCLC ’13), and James Pedersen (FCLC ’16) were recognized for their individual efforts.
2012 American University Invitational
FCLC Team 1327 faced teams from the University of Southern California and Howard University(what others?). Mat de Caravalho (FCLC ’13) picked up an outstanding attorney award in the process.
2012 University of Pennsylvania Invitational
FCLC Team 1328 finished 5-3 in its first tournament of the year, facing teams from Dickinson College, Drexel University, and Rochester University, La Salle. Mike Levy (FCLC ’13) finished with a perfect 20.
2012 Columbia University Big Apple Invitational Tournament (CUBAIT) 
FCLC Team 1327 kicked off the season in style with a 5-3 record and 7th place finish in a very competitive field. Fordham faced teams from St. Johns, UVA, University of Michigan, and Cornell University. Mat de Carvalho (FCLC ’13), Dan Grossbaum (FCLC ’13), and James Pedersen (FCLC ’16) received individual honors.

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