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Outside Club

The purpose of the Outside Club is to promote an appreciation of the out-of-doors through activities held off-campus.   This club will provide a safe form of recreation for all participants, focusing on low-impact activities that minimally affect the environment.  The club will also work to educate the great Fordham community about the importance of preserving the environment as well as ways to use the outdoors as a means of recreation.
The Outside Club will provide members with a greater appreciation and value of nature through direct experience of wilderness excursions (mostly) in Westchester County and New York State Parks.  The symptoms of a confined urban setting will be alleviated by forays into more natural surroundings.  Different excursions will bring forth anticipation to see and learn about different landscapes around the northeast coast.  Along with this it will provide an educational and self-fulfilling alternative to the confines of campus life.  The club will pursue an informal affiliation with the Environmental Protection and Awareness Club.
Divisions include the Outing Club, the Camping Club, and the Fishing Club.

The purpose of the Fishing Club is to fish in various lakes in northern New York state.  We will also explore the envionment around these lakes and ponds.  In this hiking and fishing we will explore these ecosystems and bond together as Fordham students.

President: Alex McMahon

Rose Hill

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