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Respect for Life has several events planned for the Fall Semester. We will need help from all club members to continue to have successful events. If you would like more information or would like to volunteer, please email us at

Upcoming Events:

Rally for Resources with Chaunie Brusie of Feminists for Life of America

September 30 2011, 4-6PM

Location: TBA

After last year's successful Pregnancy Resource Forum, we're inviting Feminists for Life back to Fordham again, this time to discuss the progress we've made in the past year, and what we still have yet to accomplished.

New York Regional Students for Life Conference

OCTOBER 1 2011, 9AM-5PM

Location: Keating

This conference will be a great kick-off for pro-life students and groups all over the New York region. The training and networking opportunities will be invaluable whether you have an established club, a new club or are trying to start a new club on your campus.

The lineup of speakers includes Scott Klusendorf, President of Life Training Institute, Tina Whittington, Assistant Director of Students for Life of America, and Chaunie Brusie, College Outreach Program Coordinator at Feminists for Life, plus breakout sessions on how students can affect pro-life legislation, sidewalk counseling training, organizational development and the relationship between pro-life student groups and Pregnancy Resource Centers. And Fr. Joseph Koterski, SJ, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Fordham University and member of the Board of Directors of University Faculty for Life will be delivering the keynote address on Ignatian Spirituality and young people in the pro-life movement.

Registration will soon be available online. The fee for students is $15 (with lunch) or $5 (without lunch). For non-students the fee is $20 (lunch) or $10 (no lunch). Free housing on Friday night is available upon request.

To register please click here.

Past Events:

Ron Keine of Witness to Innocence

February 8th 2010 7:00




Location: Keating 1st

According to the Death Penalty Information Center, since 1973, 139 Americans have been released from Death Row with evidence of their innocence.  On February 8th, Fordham Respect for Life is proud to host Ron Keine, of Witness to Innocence, who was wroingly convicted of the kidnapping, murder, rape, and mutilation of University of New Mexico student William Velten in 1974. He was sentenced to death in New Mexico. Further investigation proved Mr. Keine’s innocence and he was finally released from Death Row.  To read more about Mr. Keine’s case click here or to visit his webpage, click here.

According to their website, “Witness to Innocence is the nation’s only organization composed of, by and for exonerated death row survivors and their loved ones…Members of Witness to Innocence bring a human face to the death penalty that no one else can.  Through their compelling stories, they illuminate the unfairness and immorality of capital punishment – and in turn move citizens and public opinion more than any ordinary politician or activist can ever hope to do.  Since its creation in 2005, Witness to Innocence has played an essential role in the anti-death penalty movement in the United States while educating hundreds of thousands of people across the country.”

Movie Night

February 23rd 2010,  9:00

Location: Keating 3rd

Fordham Respect for Life will be screening the film Maafa 21, which tells the story of Genocide in America in the 21st century.  Although blacks make up 13% of the US population, black women make up 36% of abortions. In fact, 50% of pregnancies end in abortion within the black community. Watch Maafa 21 to see learn how the American Birth Control League, later Planned Parenthood, worked to reduce and eliminate the black population.

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