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United Student Government

Use this link to go to the main USG LC website. Use this link to access the main USG Rose Hill website.

The United Student Government is the sole organization representing all FCLC students and the primary governing organization of and for the student body. All students are encouraged to voice their opinions or concerns to the officers of USG. Meetings are held weekly. The USG information, including its agenda and minutes from meetings, are available for members of the University to see at the USG office. All Fordham College Lincoln Center students are members of USG. The USG Senators are the voting members. The elected officers are the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, eight FCLC Senators (2 from each class), and 4 PCS Senators. All officers are elected in the spring semester to serve a one-year term. The Freshmen Senate positions are elected in the fall.

USG’s duties include:

Providing a forum for students to speak;

Representing student concerns by sitting on University Committees and recommending policies to improve educational standards and facilities;

Encouraging and advocating the rights and responsibilities of students to themselves, the University, the community, and humanity. This includes encouraging service to the school, academic responsibility, and student leadership;

Assisting clubs in registration & operation;

Serving on the Student Activities Budget Committee (SABC) to allocate funding for activities that best serve the student body.

USG Office

Lowenstein, Room 204A

Tel. (212) 636-6261



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