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Have you ever thought about joining a group?


Group counseling is a unique type of therapy in which several individuals meet together with a trained therapist(s), often focusing on a common goal or process. Most groups contain 5-10 students and occur on a weekly basis. Some groups are focused on a single goal or skill-focused, while others are more open in content. Discussion is often based on what students currently find troubling, and group members are encouraged to respond and provide feedback to other students. Feedback provides individuals with the opportunity to think about their own interpersonal styles and discover new ways of thinking about him/her self. As with individual counseling, group sessions are safe and confidential, and students agree not to discuss group material outside of the group. Group therapy may also offer an opportunity for longer term counseling, rather than the short-term nature of most individual therapy at the Counseling Center.


Group psychotherapy can work to help students in many ways. First of all, groups allow people to feel that they are not alone, and that other people may have experienced similar thoughts and feelings. Additionally, since the group functions through interpersonal interactions, many real-life interpersonal difficulties are also seen in the group itself. This allows individuals to gain a new insight regarding their typical modes of interacting and how they might better handle interpersonal challenges. Furthermore, the contributions and support that an individual offers in the group can, in turn, help the individual learn more about him/her self and can promote positive change.

During the fall and spring semesters, we offer various groups to students based on current interests and needs of students. Groups provide a safe and confidential environment to discuss issues and support fellow students who are likely experiencing similar problems. Groups are open to Fordham students and are free of charge.

Rose Hill Groups

Food For Thought – A support group for students with body image/eating concerns.

Safe and Secure – A support group for women who have been sexually assaulted.

Interpersonal/Relationships Group – A therapy group helping students improve their relationships.

Seasons of Grief: Bereavement Group – A support group for students who have lost a friend or family member.

A Fresh Start-  A transition support group for new students adjusting to college.

Growth and Recovery – A group for students who have a friend or family member with a substance abuse problem.

Threes a Crowd – A support group for students in the dorm struggling with living in a triple room.

Lincoln Center Groups

Do I have to wear this “straight jacket?”­ – A group for LGBT students helping individuals navigate difficulties faced in the world.

Graduate Interpersonal Group – A therapy group for graduate students hoping to improve their relationships.

At Home in the World – A group for international students, helping to find a place in a new country.

Seasons of Grief: Bereavement Group – A support group for students who have lost a friend or family member.

Subway Reflections – A group for focused on struggles in balancing the responsibilities faced by commuter students.

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