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Welcome | Health Services at Fordham University

All students have access to health centers on each campus. There is no charge for examinations; medical supplies and medications are available at minimal cost.

Any person in need of emergency aid should call security at (718) 817-2222. Identify yourself, your location and the specific problem, and request that emergency services be contacted. At the Rose Hill campus, the Fordham University Emergency Medical Services (FUEMS), an emergency medical service registered with New York state, works in conjunction with the Health Center to provide emergency medical attention 24 hours a day.

Meningitis Legislation
August 2003, New York State passed a law requiring all students attending college to:
> receive the Meningitis vaccine  
> provide prior proof of vaccination (must be from health care practitioner)
> OR sign a waiver to decline the meningitis vaccine.

All Fordham University students must comply with this law. Please complete the appropriate section on the Immunization form and have it completed as soon as possible to avoid any registration holds. Feel free to contact the Health Center at (718) 817-4160 with any questions.

Contact Us
Rose Hill

O'Hare Hall
(718) 817-4160

Lincoln Center
Room 203 of McMahon Hall
(212) 636-7160
The closest emergency room is St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, which is located one block south of campus.

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