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Committees of the Board of Trustees (University Statutes, Sec. 4-06.05)

Academic Affairs Committee
The Academic Affairs Committee shall review all major changes in the educational programs and policies of the University.

Audit and Finance Committee
The Audit and Finance Committee shall appraise the financial control and accounting system of the University.

Facilities Committee
The Facilities Committee is responsible for monitoring the condition of existing facilities and developing a comprehensive facilities management program.

Student Affairs Committee
The Student Affairs Committee shall review all matters affecting students except those relating to academic programs.

University Commencement Committee
The Commencement Committee shall solicit and screen nominees for Honorary Degrees to be conferred by Fordham University at Commencement. The Committee also nominates persons to be the commencement speaker.

University Relations Committee
The University Relations Committee oversees the external relations/advancement aspects of University operations including fund raising, alumni/alumnae and other constituency relations, and public affairs.

Presidential Committees (University Statutes, Sec. 4-06.06)

Advisory Committee on ROTC
The Committee shall advise the President (through the Vice President for Academic Affairs) on all matters concerning the ROTC program.

Athletic Advisory Board
The Athletic Advisory Board shall exercise supervision over intercollegiate and intramural athletics so that all students of the University may be provided the most effective athletic program possible. The Board shall have authority to investigate and recommend implementation of the athletic policies of the University, subject to the approval of the President and the Board of Trustees.

Budget Planning Committee
The Budget Planning Committee shall assist the President of the University in the formulation of the annual budget.

Computer Advisory Committee
The Computer Advisory Committee shall advise the Administration concerning the organization, operation and use of the Computer and Information Management Systems.

Faculty Development Committee
The Faculty Development Committee shall study programs of faculty development, advise the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and report to the Faculty Senate concerning policies for professional improvement of the Faculty of the University.

Research Council
The Research Council shall formulate University research policies and procedures, and shall report to the President of the University.

Committees Dealing with Student Affairs
There are several committees dealing with student affairs which report to the Vice President for Student Affairs. Faculty representatives on these committees are appointed as described in the Student Handbook and the Code of Conduct Adjudication Process.

Editorial Board of the Fordham University Press
The Editorial Board shall control the use of the Fordham University Press imprint by authorizing the execution of contracts with authors after adjudicating manuscripts offered for publication, and shall evaluate, on a regular basis, the nature and character of the publications.

Committees Appointed by the Faculty Senate (University Statutes, Sec. 4-06.08)
Faculty Elections Committee
The Faculty Elections Committee shall conduct elections as required by these Statutes and the Constitution of the Faculty Senate.

Faculty Handbook Committee
The Faculty Handbook Committee shall review current and proposed faculty and administrative policies and procedures in the light of the university statutes.

Faculty Hearing Committee
The Faculty Hearing Committee shall consider matters as provided in §4-07, Parts II, III and IV.

Faculty Library Committee
The Faculty Library Committee shall advise the University Librarian concerning University Library policies and budget.

Committee on Student Life
The Committee on Student Life shall enhance the culture of the campus and insure the education of the whole person so central to liberal arts education in the Jesuit tradition. The committee shall foster faculty awareness of and involvement in student activities under the jurisdiction of the Vice-President for Student Affairs, and promote communication between faculty and those involved in student affairs.

Faculty Committee on Technology
The Faculty Committee on Technology shall advise University officials concerning the purchase, support, and use of technologies relevant to all aspects of academic affairs.

Faculty Life Committee
The Faculty Life Committee shall advise the Faculty Senate on those aspects of University life that contribute to faculty development and to the sense of University community.

Committees Elected by the Faculty Senate (University Statutes, Sec. 4-06.09)

Faculty Salary and Benefits Committee
The Faculty Salary and Benefits Committee shall review with the Administration the faculty salary structure of the University. The Committee shall determine annually with the Administration the allocation of monies for faculty salaries and fringe benefits, subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees (see §4-08.01). The Committee shall not represent the Law School. The Committee shall report to the Faculty Senate and obtain its approval before reaching a final agreement with the Administration.

Tenure and Reappointment Appeals Committee
The Tenure and Reappointment Appeals Committee shall consider matters provided in §4-07, Part I.

University Tenure Review Committee
The University Tenure Review Committee, subsequent to the recommendations of the Deans
 and the Vice President for Academic Affairs, shall review all positive tenure recommendations by Departmental or Professional School Faculty (with the exception of the Law School) to ensure that The University Norms for Granting Tenure [§4-05.04(d)(1)(2) are adhered to by the unit making such a recommendation. The Committee in its deliberations will take into account the weight given to each of the qualifications of the candidate for tenure as articulated by the several Departments and Schools in the context of their varying needs [§4-05.04(d)(2)(A). The Committee may make a recommendation on tenure at variance with the Department or School only for exceptional reasons. The Committee shall make its recommendations to the President of the University.

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