Fordham University            The Jesuit University of New York

Current Agenda
1. Workload Relief Policy
2. Current childcare proposal
3. Housing subsidy
4. Clear explanation and understanding of retirement benefits
  A. What are the benefits
  B. Health insurance options
  C. What you need to do when you retire
  D. Clear understanding of when a faculty member must go on medicare
  E. New phased retirement plan
  F. Compression. A firm
5. A portable discount rate
  A. Trying to put into place another option for college tuition redemption. It would enable children of Fordham faculty (and administrators) to take the amount of the current Fordham discount rate (around $16,000) and use it to pay for another university.
  B. The rational around this is that Fordham’s seats are full so a policy such as this will not take money away from Fordham as Fordham faculty (and administrators) can currently have their children study at Fordham for free.

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