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Current Salary Agreement

Current Salary Agreement
Salary Agreement for 2010-2011 was:
Salary and Benefits. For the academic year 2010-11 the University will increase faculty compensation as follows:
  A. Across the board salary increases, distributed as follows:
Assistant Professor $2350
Associate Professor $2450
Full Professor $3200
(The across-the-board represents a 2.75% increase in the mean non-Law salary for each rank.)
  B. Minimum base salaries for each rank will increase each year by the same across-the board percentage. Thus, the minimum starting-salaries for AY 2010-2011 are to be: $65,800 (Assistant Professor), $74,000 (Associate Professor), and $90,400 (Full Professor).
  C. A merit increment equal to $1000 for one half of the faculty.
  D. A promotion increment of $4000 for those being promoted to the rank of Associate Professor and $6000 for those being promoted to the rank of Full Professor.
  E. No change in merit procedures.
  F. Compression. A firm commitment by the Office of Finance, the Office of Academic Affairs, and Salary & Benefits Committee, to review compression data and to implement any needed solutions every four years, beginning in AY 2010-11.

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