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Recent Accomplishments

Recent Accomplishments
1. Implementation of LDA benefits
  a. As of the fall enrollment period of 2010, faculty may officially designate an LDA (legally domiciled adult) for health benefits. As of January 1, 2011 an LDA receives the same benefits that a spouse receives including health care, tuition remission, etc.
  b. These changes are now reflected in Appendix 4 of the University statutes.
2. Auditing of compensation reporting to AAUP (ongoing)
3. Compression. Identifying and compensating cases of compression (ongoing)
  a. What is compression? Compression occurs when a faculty member’s salary does not rise in tandem with others in his/her discipline despite similar accomplishments. Compression usually arises from different starting salaries that are the result of market forces in a given year and differences of negotiation. Compression can also result from changes in promotion increases and other factors.
  b. S&B has worked to identify major cases of compression by analyzing salary data and merit awards over the past 8 years.
  c. S&B will then advise the administration on compensation for those cases and for an on-going and yearly application of the formula to the data in order to address future cases.
  d. S&B has already addressed compression on a general scale by increasing the standard promotion increments to $4000 for Associate and $6000 for Professor and by tying in minimum salary per rank to the annual wage increase. Minimum base salaries for each rank will increase each year now by the same across-the board percentage. The minimum starting-salaries for AY 2010—2011 were: $68,500 (Assistant); $74,000 (Associate), and $90,400 (Full).
4. Adoption of a new phased retirement program for the next three years.
5. Extension of the deadline for flexible spending account contributions.

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