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S&B Subcommittees
Salary Subcommittee
Responsibilities: Salary analysis; AAUP & Academe; collective bargaining. Work in close collaboration with DATA.

Richard Gyug (Chair)
x3933 |
William Jaworski
x6588 |
Su-Je Cho
x6444 |
Sharon Livesey
x6581 |
Lerzan Aksoy
(862) 221-0105 |
Chris Maginn
x7554 |
Data Management Subcommittee
Responsibilities: Data analysis of salary, compression, AAUP Academe figures; projections, Himmelberg rule; 80th percentile; analysis for the other subcommittees.

Henry Schwalbenberg (Chair)
x4059 |
Berish Rubin
x3637 |
Johanna Francis
x4055 |
John Shon
x8211 |
Health & Other Benefits
Responsibilities: Health benefits, soft benefits, LDA, workload relief, childcare, housing, tuition remission and redemption, Tuition Exchange/FACHEX

Patrick Hornbeck (Chair)
x3360 |
Nina Rowe
x4894 |
Barbara Anderson
x3361 |
Esther Solomon
x6187 |
John Drummond (interim chair, fall 2010)
x3332 |
Jennie Park-Taylor
x7299 |
Responsibilities: Pre-retirement planning; retirement health benefits and soft benefits; phased retirement; 401K plans; life insurance

Retirement Information [ PDF ]

Leonard Nissim (Chair)
x6331 |
Carol Kaplan
x6272 |
Bruce Berg
x3957 |
Yvette Sealy
x6679 |

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