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Medieval Spirituality, Preaching, Hagiography, Hymnology, and Liturgy

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JORDAN, P.  “Pythagoras and Monachism.”  TR 17 (1961): 432–40.

FIRTH, F.  “More About Robert of Flamborough’s Penitential.”  TR 17 (1961): 531–32.

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SZÖVERFFY, J. “‘Peccatrix quondam femina’: A Survey of the Mary Magdalen Hymns.”  TR 19 (1963): 79–146.

TURVILLE-PETRE, J.  “Translations of a Lost Penitential Homily.”  TR 19 (1963): 51–78.

SZÖVERFFY, J.  “‘Crux fidelis . . .’: Prolegomena to a History of the Holy Cross Hymns.”  TR 22 (1966): 1–42.

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SZÖVERFFY, J.  “Hymnological Notes.”  TR 25 (1969): 457–71.

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O’MALLEY, J. F.  “An Introduction to the Study of the Hymns on St. James as Literature.”  TR 26 (1970): 255–92.

LAGORIO, V. M.  “Pan-Brittonic Hagiography and the Arthurian Grail Cycle.”  TR 26 (1970): 29–62.

SZÖVERFFY, J.  “An Echo of the Servius Commentary in a Christmas Song around 1400.”  TR 27 (1971): 491–94.

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HORNER, P. J.  “A Sermon on the Anniversary of the Death of Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick.”  TR 34 (1978): 381–402.

McNALLY, R. E.  “‘In nomine Dei summi’: Seven Hiberno-Latin Sermons.”  TR 35 (1979): 121–44.

ROBERTS, P. B.  “Master Stephen Langton Preaches to the People and Clergy: Sermon Texts from the Twelfth Century Paris.”  TR 36 (1980): 237–68.

CROSS, J. E., and C. J. TUPLIN.  “An Unrecorded Variant of the ‘Passio S. Christinae’ and the Old English Martyrology.”  TR 36 (1980): 161–236.

COLLEDGE, E., and J. C. MARLER.  “‘Céphalologie’: A Recurring Theme in Classical and Medieval Lore.”  TR 37 (1981): 411–25.

McEVOY, J.  “Notes on the Prologue of St. Aelred of Rievaulx’s De spirituali amicitia, with a Translation.”  TR 37 (1981): 396–410.

HORRALL, S. M.  “Thomas of Hales, O.F.M.: His Life and Works.”  TR 42 (1986): 287–98.

BABCOCK, R. G.  “Astrology and Pagan Gods in Carolingian Vitae of St. Lambert.”  TR 42 (1986): 95–114.

SIMPSON, D.  “The Proverbia Grecorum.”  TR 43 (1987): 1–22.

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TACHAU, K. H.  “Looking Gravely at Dominican Puns: The ‘Sermons’ of Robert Holcot and Ralph Friseby.”  TR 46 (1991): 337–45.

McLAUGHLIN, R. E.  “The Word Eclipsed? Preaching in the Early Middle Ages.”  TR 46 (1991): 77–122.

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JONES, C. A.  “A Liturgical Miscellany in Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 190.”  TR 54 (1999): 103–40.

LITTLE, K. C. “Catechesis and Castigation: Sin in the Wycliffite Sermon Cycle.”  TR 54 (1999): 213–44. 

HANHAM, A.  “Text and Subtext: Bishop John Russell’s Parliamentary Sermons, 1483–1484.” TR 54 (1999): 301–22.

MACGENNIS, H. “Warrior Saints, Warfare, and the Hagiography of Ælfric of Eynsham.” TR 56 (2001): 27–51.

UPCHURCH, R. K. “For Pastoral Care and Political Gain: Ælfric of Eynsham’s Preaching on Marital Celibacy.” TR 59 (2004): 39–78.

JOLLY, K. L.  “Prayers from the Field: Practical Protection and Demonic Defense in Anglo-Saxon England.”  TR 61 (2006): 95–47. 

CURLEY, M. J.  “The Miracles of Saint David: A New Text and Its Context.”  TR 62 (2007): 135–205.

TRACY, L.  “The Middle English Life of Saint Dorothy in Trinity College, Dublin MS 319: Origins, Parallels, and Its Relationship to Osbern Bokenham’s Legendys of Hooly Wummen.”  TR 62 (2007): 259–84.

DOWNEY, S.  “Too Much of Too Little: Guthlac and the Temptation of Excessive Fasting.”  TR 63 (2008): 89–127.

PETERSON, J. L.  “The Politics of Sanctity in Thirteenth-Century Ferrara.”  TR 63 (2008): 307–26.

AMT, E.  “Ela Longespee’s Roll of Benefits: Piety and Reciprocity in the Thirteenth Century.”  TR 64 (2009): 1–56.

FRAZIER, A. “A Layman’s Life of St. Augustine in Late Medieval Italy: Patronage and Polemic.” TR 65 (2010): 231–86.

JONES, E. A. "Rites of Enclosure: The English Ordines for the Enclosing of Anchorites, S. XXII – S. XVI." TR 67 (2012): 145–234.

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JOHNSON, H. "The Divine Dinner Party: Domestic Imagery and Easter Preaching in Late Medieval England." TR 67 (2012): 385–415. 

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