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Medieval Theology

LANDGRAF, A.  “Studien zur Theologie des zwölften Jahrhunderts: I. Nominalismus in den theologischen Werken der zweiten Hälfte des zwölften Jahrhunderts; II. Literarische Bemerkungen zu den Sentenzen des Robertus Pullus.”  TR 1 (1943): 183–222.

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WEI, I. P.  “Guy de l’Aumone’s Summa de diversis questionibus theologie.”  TR 44 (1988): 275–324.

GOERING, J.  “The Invention of Transubstantiation.”  TR 46 (1991): 147–70.

CAVADINI, J.  “The Sources and Theology of Alcuin’s De fide sanctae et individuae Trinitatis.”  TR 46 (1991): 123–46.

KARRAS, R. M.  “Gendered Sin and Misogyny in John of Bromyard’s ‘Summa Predicantium.’”  TR 47 (1992): 233–58.

CHAZELLE, C.  “Figure, Character, and the Glorified Body in the Carolingian Eucharistic Controversy.”  TR 47 (1992): 1–36.

SIMPSON, J.  “The Information of Alan of Lille’s ‘Anticlaudianus’: A Preposterous Interpretation.”  TR 47 (1992): 113–60.

TESKE, R. J.  “William of Auvergne and the Manichees.”  TR 48 (1993): 63–75.

AVALOS, H. I.  “The Biblical Sources of Columbus’s Libro de las Profecias.”  TR 49 (1994): 331–35.

RUELLO, F.  “Le Projet théologique de Jean de Ripa O.F.M. (XIVe Siècle).”  TR 49 (1994): 127–70.

DIPPLE, G. L.  “Uthred and the Friars: Apostolic Poverty and Clerical Dominion between FitzRalph and Wyclif.”  TR 49 (1994): 235–58.

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PIERCE, J. M. “Early Medieval Prayers Addressed to the Trinity in the Ordo Missae of Sigebert of Minden.”  TR 51 (1996): 179–200.

THIBODEAU, T.  “The Doctrine of Transubstantiation in Durand’s Rationale.”  TR 51 (1996): 308–17.

HEIL, J.  “‘Nos Nescientes de Hoc Velle Manere’ — ‘We Wish to Remain Ignorant about This’?: Timeless End, or: Approaches to Reconceptualizing Eschatology after A.D. 800 (A.M. 6000).”  TR 55 (2000): 73–103.

GORMAN, M.  “Christ as Composite according to Aquinas.”  TR 55 (2000): 143–57.

CAROTI, S.  Modi rerum and Materialism: A Note on a Quotation of a Condemned Articulus in Some Fourteenth-Century Parisian De anima Commentaries.”  TR 55 (2000): 211–34.

KAUP, MATTHIAS, AND ROBERT E. LERNER. “Gentile of Foligno Interprets the Prophecy ‘Woe to the World,’ with an Edition and English Translation.” TR 56 (2001): 149–211.

ELUKIN, J. “Judaism: From Heresy to Pharisee in Early Medieval Christian Literature.”  TR 57 (2002): 49–66.

IRIBARREN, I. “Some Points of Contention in Medieval Trinitatian Theology: The Case of Durandus of Saint-Pourçain in the Early Fourteenth Century.”  TR 57 (2002): 289-315.

NODES, D. J. “Scholasticism and New Philology: Giles of Viterbo, O.E.S.A (1469-1532) on Divine Generation.”  TR 57 (2002): 317–40.

SMYTH, M. “The Origins of Purgatory through the Lens of Seventh-Century Irish Eschatology.” TR 58 (2003): 91–132.

INGLIS, J. “A Rationale for Material Elements in Christ’s Human Cognition: Reading Aquinas within His Dominican Theological and Political Context.” TR 58 (2003): 257–84.

KITANOV, S. V. “Displeasure in Heaven, Pleasure in Hell: Four Franciscan Masters on the Relationship between Love and Pleasure, and Hatred and Displeasure.” TR 58 (2003): 285–340.

LERNER, ROBERT, and CHRISTINE MOREROD.  “The Vision of ‘John, Hermit of the Asturias’: Lucas of Tuy, Apostolic Religion, and Eschatological Expectations.”  TR 61 (2006): 195–225.

ERISMANN, C.  “The Trinity, Universals, and Particular Substances: Philoponus and Roscelin.”  TR 63 (2008): 277–305.

TESKE, R. J.  “Henry of Ghent on Anselm’s Proslogion Argument.”  TR 64 (2009): 213–228.

ALBERTSON, D. "Achard of St. Victor (d. 1171) and the Eclipse of the Arithmetic Model of the Trinity." TR 67 (2012): 101–44.

RITARI, K.  “The Irish Eschatological Tale The Two Deaths and Its Sources.”  TR 68 (2013): 125–51.

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