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Latin Patrology

QUASTEN, J. “Tertullian and ‘Traditio.’” TR 2 (1944): 481–83.

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MARTIN, J. “‘Logos’ bei Priscillianus.” TR 31 (1975): 317.

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ARBESMANN, R. “The ‘Cervuli’ and ‘Anniculae’ in Caesarius of Arles.” TR 35 (1979): 89–120.

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BRENNAN, B. “The Career of Venantius Fortunatus.” TR 41 (1985): 49–78.

TESKE, R. J. “‘Vocans temporales, faciens aeternos’: St. Augustine on Liberation from Time.” TR 41 (1985): 29–48.

BALDWIN, B. “Fulgentius and His Sources.” TR 44 (1988): 37–58.

HEXTER, R. “The Metamorphosis of Sodom: The Ps.-Cyprian De Sodoma as an Ovidian Episode.” TR 44 (1988): 1–36.

CLAUSSEN, M. A. “Peregrinatio and Peregrini in Augustine’s City of God.” TR 46 (1991): 33–76.

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DRISCOLL, M. S. Ad Pueros sancti Martini: A Critical Edition, English Translation, and Study of the Manuscript Transmission.” TR 53 (1998): 37–61.

DeGREGORIO, S. “The Venerable Bede on Prayer and Contemplation.” TR 54 (1999): 1–39.

DALY, W. M. “An Adverse Consensus Questioned: Does Sidonius’s Euchariston (Carmen XVI) Show That He Was Spiritually Naïve?” TR 55 (2000): 19–71.

MCGILL, SCOTT C. “Poeta arte christiana: Pomponius’s Cento Versus ad gratiam Domini as an Early Example of Christian Bucolic.” TR 56 (2001): 15–26.

KRIES, D. “Origen, Plato, and Conscience (Synderesis) in Jerome’s Ezekiel Commentary.” TR 57 (2002): 67–83.

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FLORIO, R.  “Discere-Docere: Tertuliano y Alcuino frente a la paideia oficial.”  TR 64 (2009): 105–138.

SVENSSON, M. “¿Adiaphora en San Agustín?” TR 65 (2010): 31–46.

DONATO, A. "Boethius's Consolation of Philosophy and the Greco-Roman Consolatory Tradition." TR 67 (2012): 1–42.

SHULER, E. "Caesarius of Arles and the Development of the Ecclesiastical Tithe: From a Theology of Almsgiving to Practical Obligations." TR 67 (2012): 43–70.

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