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Graduate PLUS Trimester Loan Request

Fordham University Financial Aid

GBA Graduate PLUS Loans

Follow the steps below to receive a Grad PLUS Loan:

Step 1: Secure a Grad PLUS Credit Decision

  • Go to and sign in using your Federal Student Aid PIN (from ).
  • Click on the “Request PLUS Loan” link under the "PLUS Loan Process" heading.
  • Select "Graduate PLUS" as your loan type and complete credit check ( review federal credit criterion ).
  • Do NOT click the option to borrow the maximum loan amount for which you are eligible.  This will cause a delay in processing in most cases.  Always specify a dollar amount.  
  • You will be notified instantly of the credit decision. 

Step 2:  Complete Your Master Promissory Note (MPN) If You Are Approved

  • Students who did NOT borrow a Grad PLUS at Fordham since the 2010-11 academic year must complete a new MPN.
  • Go to and click the “Complete MPN” link on the left side of the screen and choose the "Graduate PLUS" option and you will be guided through the process.

Step 3:    Complete a Graduate PLUS Entrance Counseling Session

  • Students who have NOT borrowed a Grad PLUS at Fordham must complete a Grad PLUS Entrance Counseling Session
  • Go to click the "Complete Entrance Counseling" link on the left side of the screen and you will be guided through the process.

Step 4:  Complete & Submit the Form Below:

Loan Period Enter # Credits Here:
Fall 2013 / Spring 2014 /
    Summer 2014
Fall 2013 / Spring 2014
Spring 2014 / Summer 2014
Fall Only
Spring Only
Summer Only
Are you eligible for tuition remission? Yes No
Are you eligible for Full or Half tuition remission? Full Half
Are you enrolled in the AEMBA Program or Quantitative Finance?
Yes No

There are no set annual or aggregate limits. You may borrow up to your full cost of attendance, minus any other financial aid you receive (including all loans, scholarships, and grants).  There is a 4.204% fee on all Graduate PLUS loans.  Ensure you are taking this into account when deciding how much to request.

Graduate PLUS Loan
Amount Requested:
  $   .00
First Name:
Middle Initial   
Last Name   
Fordham ID #:   A - -



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