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Reputable Scholarship Sites

Reputable Scholarship Sites

There are a number of websites that offer you free scholarship searches.
Click here for the Internet's largest free scholarship search:

Fast Web Scholarship Search
The FastWeb Scholarship Search is the largest, most accurate and most popular free scholarship search site, with more than 30 million registered users. It is also the most frequently updated and provides automatic email notification of new scholarships that match the student's profile. The FastWeb Scholarship Search was the first scholarship database available for free on the web and is the most innovative and student-focused of all the scholarship search sites.

College Board Scholarship Search
The College Board's FUND FINDER scholarship database lists scholarships and other types of financial aid programs from 3,300 national, state, public and private sources. The database is updated annually.

The Sallie Mae Fund
Students can now apply for more than $2 million in scholarships, a charitable organization sponsored by Sallie Mae.

Princeton Review Scholarship Search

Hispanic College Fund
Students currently enrolled in higher learning institutions such as colleges and universities, as well as vocational and trade schools can enter for a chance to win one of the scholarships. The award amounts vary and can be applied toward educational expenses.

United Negro College Fund Scholarships
Scholarships and faculty development grants administered by the UNCF are intended to facilitate access to UNCF member institutions and to strengthen the quality of education that these colleges and universities offer. You can use this site to search through hundreds of scholarship and grant programs administered by the United Negro College Fund.

Hispanic Association Colleges & Universities Scholarship Program

(HACU) Over 160 scholarships worth $270,000

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