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Study Abroad and Student Financial Services 

Answers to your most common questions

This brochure was designed to answer your most common questions about Financial Aid availability and procedures for Study Abroad. Should you have any questions after reading this brochure, please feel free to contact the Student Financial Services Office. Our Rose Hill office is located in Thebaud Hall, and our phone number is (718) 817-3800. Our Lincoln Center office is located in LL Room 203 and our phone number is (212) 636-6700.

What Financial Aid can I use for my Study Abroad Program?

Fordham per-term tuition covers the London Dramatic Academy and Exchange programs' educational expenses. Institutional and non-institutional aid is fully portable for the London Dramatic Academy and Exchange programs. For all other programs, institutional and non-institutional financial aid is portable as follows:

Institutional Aid (University): Portable types of university aid include grants-in-aid, university and restricted scholarships, and campus-based SEOG. The aid will be prorated, it cannot exceed the actual aid the student would be eligible for if in attendance at Fordham, and is subject to the following caps:

  • up to $5000 per semester for full year study at sponsored programs.
  • up to $3000 per semester for one-term study at sponsored programs in Africa, the Far and Middle East, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and Latin America.
  • up to $2250 per semester for one-term study at all other sponsored programs.

Non-institutional Aid (Federal/State):
  1. Students eligible for a Pell Grant can apply their grant toward their study abroad charges as long as all other eligibility program and university requirements are met;
  2. NYSTAP eligible students who meet requirements may receive TAP.

Non-portable types of university aid include:
  1. Aid earmarked for housing is not portable;
  2. Tuition benefits obtained through FACHEX, Tuition Exchange and Tuition Remission are not portable.


Fordham per-term tuition covers all SA Fees that are billed to and paid by Fordham with three provisions:

  1. when fees exceed tuition, a supplement kicks in to cover the difference;
  2. when fees are lower a credit may apply;
  3. study abroad participants will be charged a $900 per term tuition premium.

Additional Fees:
  1. A non-refundable application fee is required of all semester and summer applicants (all checks or money orders should be payable to Fordham University);
  2. A $575 per term administrative fee is also charged to all semester and academic year participants;
  3. Both the University General Fee and the Technology Access Fee will be charged.

Important Notice: A financial hold precludes all registration activity, including acceptance into the study abroad programs .

How do I receive my aid for the semester(s) I will be abroad?
As the home school, Fordham will process approved financial aid for your semester(s) abroad when a completed consortium agreement is returned by your host school in a timely manner. If a refund is due you from the disbursement of financial aid funds, you must submit a refund request to the Bursar's Office, including the payee of the refund and the proper mailing address.

If you have a Federal Stafford Loan and your lender participates in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), the loan proceeds will be credited to your account automatically if Fordham has received the completed consortium agreement and verified your enrollment. If a refund is due you from these funds, a refund will automatically be processed by the Bursar's Office, in your name, and sent to your permanent address.

If your lender only issues paper checks, you will need to make an arrangement to have your check endorsed while you are abroad. For more information, see "Helpful Hints" on the following page regarding a Power of Attorney.

Will I get my aid back when I return to Fordham University the next semester?
Yes, as long as your family demonstrates approximately the same financial need, you maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress and you meet the Financial Aid Application deadlines. Students studying abroad for the spring semester still need to file their forms by the required deadlines. The Office of Financial Aid will send your application packet to your permanent home address.

Helpful hints:
  • Give yourself plenty of time to do everything necessary beforehand. It can take several weeks for your aid to be in place, so take that into consideration when planning for your semester(s) abroad.
  • Don't forget to contact other offices involved, such as the Registrar, before you go. You will need to complete paperwork with their office before you study off campus. Delays in getting all of the required paperwork completed can only mean delays in receiving your aid.
  • You may want to utilize a Power of Attorney while you are abroad so that a parent or family member has the legal authority to sign necessary paperwork. Consult a lawyer for more information.

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