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Select Academic Programs
M.S. in Data Analytics

Harness the power of big data and learn to extract, analyze, and interpret information needed to help organizations across a wide range of sectors become better, smarter, and faster.

M.A. in Public Media

Engage with communication theory and work with committed scholar-activists as you learn to tell compelling stories in ways that promote dialogue, civic engagement, and social justice.

M.A. in Elections and Campaign Management

Master the key components of an effective political campaign, including voting behavior, polling, and campaign strategies, as you learn to play a leading role in who gets elected and who governs.

M.A. in Global History

Reinvent your view of the world as you hone in on a global approach to understanding societal interconnections, flows, and transformations throughout history.

M.S. in Clinical Research Methods

Build a strong foundation in research methods, statistics, and ethics necessary for career advancement or to become a competitive applicant for top doctoral psychology programs.