Chapter Eight: Faculty Salary and Benefits

§4-08.01 - Salaries and Benefits: General Provisions

  1. A faculty salary and benefit plan is determined annually between the Administration of the University and the Faculty Salary and Benefits Committee [see §4-06.09(a)].
  2. The Administration shall provide the Faculty Salary and Benefits Committee with all relevant budgetary and financial data.
  3. The Committee shall negotiate with the Administration concerning the total amount of faculty salaries and benefits and the allocation thereof.
  4. Proposals negotiated by the Faculty Salary and Benefits Committee shall be reviewed and approved by the Faculty Senate before final agreement with the Administration is achieved.
  5. The Administration shall cause to be published an appendix to these Statutes - to be designated Appendix 4 - which shall consist of two parts: Part I Salary and Benefit Provisions and Part II Annual Compensation Report.
  6. Members of the faculty of the Department of Military Science do not participate in faculty salary, retirement, medical, insurance, unemployment compensation, and other job-related benefits except that they enjoy faculty scholarship benefits during their appointment at Fordham. They enjoy the right of access to all faculty services, such as parking, faculty library privileges, use of faculty dining room and facilities, invitations to commencement, convocation and faculty social gatherings.

§4-08.02 - Individual Salaries

  1. The salary for each faculty member may be recommended by the Dean(s) of Faculty to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, following the allocations set pursuant to §4-08.01(c) and (d).
  2. Each faculty member shall be notified by the Vice President for Academic Affairs of the salary for the following year no later than the date specified in the Personnel Procedural Calendar.
  3. A faculty member who has a grievance concerning salary or benefits which has not been resolved in informal conference with the Chairperson, Dean or Vice President for Academic Affairs, may petition the Faculty Hearing Committee [see §4-06.08(c) and §4-07.21].