LGBTQ+ Spirituality

"I wanted a community to unpack my identity; I got so much more."

The Office of Campus Ministry wholeheartedly welcomes, celebrates, and supports all of our students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. As Allies, we look forward to meeting you and to letting you know that we are here for you as you explore your spirituality. Please let us know how we can assist you on your Fordham journey. WELCOME!! WELCOME!! WELCOME!! 

You might consider participating in the PRISM retreat for LGBTQ+ students. You will find a  safe and welcoming community of LGBTQ+ students to help you explore and deepen your relationship with God, however you define God. It is a chance to experience God's unconditional love, and to explore the multiple aspects of your relationships with God, self, and alongside others who are doing the same. Students have had very positive Prism experiences. 

I wanted to see how my faith and spirituality connect or even if they connected. I now know they are inextricable from each other.

Prism draws from a foundation of Catholic-Christian spirituality and welcomes students of all backgrounds and experiences. In the spirit of the Jesuit educational tenet, Cura Personalis, and the USCCB Pastoral letter, Always our Children (1997), Campus Ministry wishes to offer the enormous spiritual resources of the Church, and to enable LGBTQ+ to flourish spiritually and holistically and to "discover what you believe and find where you belong.”

LGBTQ+ Student Groups

Lincoln Center
Queer Spirirt Community is a group open to queer students and allies interested in discussing the intersection of spirituality and queerness.
Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for more information. 

Rainbow Alliance, the LGBTQ+ student organization of Fordham Lincoln Center, mixes advocacy and fun to build community.
Contact: Rainbow Alliance [email protected] 
Social Media: Twitter: @fclcrainbow, Instagram: @fclcrainbow

Rose Hill

Queer Spirit Community is a small spiritual/faith reflection group that meets regularly to reflect on LGBTQ+ issues. Queer students meet  in a casual setting to explore the intersection of spirituality and sexuality. All queer students are welcome. Contact: Dr. Joan Cavanagh, PhD, [email protected]

Fordham Pride Alliance, the LGBTQ+ organization of Fordham Rose Hill
Contact: Pride Alliance [email protected]

Spiritual and Pastoral Counseling and Additional Resources for LGBTQ+ Students

All of our Campus Ministers are Allies who are available for spiritual and pastoral counseling.

The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities holds the IgnatianQ to gather LGBTQ+ students from the 27 Jesuit Colleges to reflect on LGBTQ+ issues as they relate to spirituality. Each year Campus Ministry helps students to organize a Fordham student delegation.