Summer English Language Courses

Summer Integrated English Skills (Monday & Wednesday 9am-12pm)

Improve all four main language skills by thinking, discussing, comparing, and debating in English this summer! 

Current Events (Tuesday & Thursday 9am-12pm)

What events are dominating our everyday conversations? Our world is changing so fast that we need to keep up-to-date with the events. Through this course, you will be exposed to various topics from newspapers, social media, magazines, blogs, and videos. You will have a chance to improve your speaking skills, find your voice, and join these conversations with ease, fluency, and rich vocabulary. 

English and the Environment(Tuesday & Thursday 1pm- 4pm)

Do you know which United Nation (UN) Sustainable Development Goals are meant to protect our environment? By taking this course, you can learn language and skills to investigate how nature and people coexist in a fragile equilibrium such as New York City. Using stories from around the world and your own observation of the streets, buildings, parks, and waterways of New York, you will develop the vocabulary and speaking skills to promote positive change! 

*All courses meet 6 hours per week.