J-1 Visiting Professors and Scholars

Generally, a non-immigrant who wishes to visit Fordham "to conduct research" will be considered a Research Scholar and will be offered J-1 status under Fordham University’s J-1 program sponsorship. The J-1 category has many different categories (each with its own rules and regulations).

Common examples of visitors in this category would be:

  • Visiting researcher who will not be enrolled in a course of study (here or abroad), but is interested in visiting Fordham to avail themselves of Fordham's resources. This would include professionals and those conducting research for professional and/or academic purposes.
  • Professor abroad who will be visiting Fordham University to teach a course.
  • Professor abroad who will be conducting research at Fordham University.
  • Student pursuing a degree at an institution abroad who will be conducting supervised research at Fordham University pertinent to the degree they are pursuing at their home institution, but will not be enrolled full-time in courses

Note: For students in a formal exchange program (who will be enrolled in courses full-time for at least one semester), visit Newly Admitted Students.