Writing Center Services

Please note that only Rose Hill and Lincoln Center students should schedule appointments using our online scheduling system. If you are a Westchester student, please email [email protected] to schedule an appointment. 

Most of our WC tutoring sessions being offered are either in-person (as in, you must physically be present in one of our WCs and meet your tutor face-to-face) or online synchronous (meaning you will have a one-on-one video chat over Zoom with your tutor at the time of your appointment). We encourage you to select the modality that best serves your schedule and needs. Online asynchronous sessions (meaning that you would submit a paper and receive feedback at a later date) are limited and available only by request. 

How in-person appointments work: When you make an in-person appointment, you will report to the physical Writing Center location you signed up for online. Be sure when making in-person appointments that you are looking at the calendar for the location you wish to visit. When you visit us in person at either Walsh Library (RH) or Quinn Library (LC), you may bring a hard copy of your paper and assignment/prompt or digital versions. Please follow all university pandemic safety requirements and wear your mask!

How online synchronous appointments work: If you choose an online synchronous appointment, you will be speaking with one of our excellent tutors in real time via our online Writing Center system. In other words, please be sure to be present and prepared at the start of your appointment. To make an online appointment, sign up for a session with a tutor marked online on the schedule. Please note that students are welcome to make appointments with any tutor they choose, based on availability, regardless of home campus. If you are unable to find an online time slot at your home campus, you are welcome to check the schedule for the other campus.

To ensure a successful synchronous appointment, we ask that you take several steps. When you make your appointment, you have the option to upload your paper and assignment/prompt. You will be able to join your tutor via the online meeting system in your appointment box on our website. In other words, when your time approaches, log back in and click on your appointment box. In the pop-up window you'll see the following option: START OR JOIN ONLINE CONSULTATION. Click on that and a new window will open where you will be able to talk and see your tutor. When you join the meeting, please make sure your computer's speakers and camera are turned on. You and your tutor can then use video chat, paper upload, copy and paste, and other online functions to look at your paper together. 

How online asynchronous appointments work: Because active dialogue and engaged collaboration are so central to successful Writing Center tutoring experiences, asynchronous appointments are limited and only in certain circumstances. If you think your circumstances warrant an asynchronous appointment, please email [email protected] to make your request.

Please be sure to read your confirmation email and mark your calendar with your appointment details. If you must cancel your appointment, please email [email protected] well in advance. We ask that you please do your utmost to avoid last-minute cancellations and no-shows, as this may cost other students their opportunities to obtain writing support. Multiple no-shows may result in limitation of your Writing Center access.


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